Our bar placement technology is one of the best in the world
Gomaco's innovation and technology and recent partnership with Schwing Stetter for the Indian market are working wonders for the company. 'We are close to
our customer's needs and are building what the customer wants,' says
Kent D Godbersen, Vice President, Worldwide Sales and Marketing, Gomaco Corporation. He shares more...

Market overview
The Indian market is probably one of the best infrastructure markets in the world on the highway front, along with there being a lot of discussions on more spending in airports and irrigation. So, it is a promising future for construction as a whole.

At the expo
At Excon 2017, we showcased the slip form Paver GP2600 with an independent Dowell bar Insertor. This technology is well-known in India and, hence, we had this equipment to display our technology on both paver and IDBI.

Technology innovations
Our bar placement technology is one of the best in the world. It gives proper depth, proper elevation and proper altitude to the pavement. In the absence of the bars, there is a possibility of joint failures. This is where this technology plays a key role. The other alternative is to use bar on baskets. Schwing Stetter has become our dealer in India. It is well-known in the market and has a great support system across the country.

Efficiency guaranteed
Schwing Stetter is the largest dealer we have here. India is not a new market for us. However, after our partnership with Schwing Stetter, we have seen an increase in demand for our product. At present, it is about meeting that demand and catering to the needs of our customers. Speaking about efficiency, you need a quality batching plant to have quality material. We need core material going through the pavers. So, from the batching plant to the placement of concrete, through the pavers, all these work in tandem to achieve expected results.

The biggest challenge right now is deliveries. It is about supplying to the customers in the time-frame they are asking for. We are trying to work on that and make our deliveries more accessible to them. The delivery cycle depends on the model and the make. Our delivery cycle is currently in the range of five to six months. However, we don't like to see it that long; on average, we would like it to be two to three months.