BAUER's BG-ValueLine
The BG ValueLine drill rigs are fully dedicated to Kelly drilling and ideally suitable for the majority of standard bored piling works in India.

India is experiencing a boom in major infrastructure development. Bridges, elevated ring roads and rail?ways, tall buildings, they all need a safe and strong foundation which can be provided by using cast-in-situ bored piles. The ongoing trend in the construction industry is shifting away from the small diameter friction piles to large diameter piles, calculated on friction and end-bearing capacity.

Contractors and authorities are focusing more and more on quality of the product (piles), quality and reliability of equipment, time saving and thus cost-effective methods, and safety issues.

BAUER Maschinen started their activities in India since 1994. When following developments in the Indian foundation market, it was found that the most attractive system for the region is the piling method with Kelly bar.

? The Kelly system allows the construction of bored piles in a big range of diameters by simply changing the tool.
? It is an ideal method in stratified non-homogeneous soil conditions.
? The increasing demand for socketing the pile into a bedrock level can be ideally fulfilled.

BAUER, a world-wide leading manufacturer of high-tech fully integrated drilling rigs for all sorts of drilling methods, felt that it is very advantageous for customers to offer a drilling rig system which is optimised for the majority of their market demand. This idea has materialised in a new BG drilling rig family ? the BG ValueLine.

The BG ValueLine drill rigs are fully dedicated to Kelly drilling and therefore ideally su?i??table for the majority of standard bored piling works in India.

Engineering and design of the whole product family is on the edge of technology and enables highest and superior performance in the full range of Kelly applications.

Besides that our engineers came up with an extremely maintenance friendly design and an easy and cost efficient to operate product.

The ValueLine features optimised components for Kelly drilling:
  • Compact rig dimensions and weight with a long mast for more depth (longer Kelly bars).
  • Increased drill axis distance (1.000 mm?1.450 mm) for large borehole diameters.
  • Rotary drive KDK with high performance due to optimised efficiency and special design features such as:
  1. Integrated Kelly damping system as safeguard system.
  2. Exchangeable wear pads - without removal of rotary drive, exchangeable Kelly drive adapter and Kelly drive keys facilitate maintenance works.
  • Main winch.
  1. Line pull ranges from 170 kN (BG 20) up to 274 kN (BG 30). The pull ranges are tested effective values.
  2. Winch classification M6/L3/T5 for continuous heavy-duty operations.
  3. Additional features for safe and effective working: hydraulically con?trolled freewheeling, automatic rope tensioning facility, depth measuring device on main rope.
  • We enhanced safety and functionality features by introducing a patented upside-down installation of the crowd cylinder for easy mast assembly without the need of disconnecting the hydraulic lines or by installing a patented optical inclination supervising system as a design detail for increasing operating safety.
  • The power of the diesel engine which is installed in the machine must be transferred to the drilling tool in an optimal way with minimised losses through all the different systems of the drilling rig. Our hydraulic and mechanical designers give premium attention to ensure an efficiency level which is distinctly higher than 70 per cent. Therefore it is possible to operate the BG ValueLine rigs with less diesel consumption when activating the full torque or line pull in comparison to other rigs.
It has always been BAUER?s target not only to sell high quality equipment to customers, but also to assist them in any further respect, ie, by transfer of technology and technical assistance, in order to contribute to the constant growth of this challenging market.

BAUER Equipment India was laun?ched for this reason, and is nowadays constantly being increased by highly skilled technical, sales and after-sales staff, so that BAUER?s presence all around India is continuously guaranteed. The company has three branches in India at strategically important positions, Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai, with service facilities and wear-parts stock.

BG ValueLine - Key features

? High performance winches and rotary drive
? Economic efficiency
? Easy handling
? Easy maintenance service orientation
? Ergonomic cabin design
? Inclination supervision system
? Optimised Kelly