Safety is an important feature in our cranes
Liebherr tower cranes are among one of the technologically superior range in the market today. Gerd Booch, Sales Director Asia-Pacific and Daniel Hieronimus, Regional Sales Manager, Liebherr-Werk Biberach GmbH, share more on the products and market trends in India.

Products and solutions of Liebherr Tower Cranes
The speciality of our tower crane shown here at Excon is that it is 'Make in India' in our Pune factory. In India, we manufacture the tower cranes NC-B 6-62, NC-B 9-62 and the 85 EC-B. Our Pune production facility is an important one for us since we do not just serve the Indian market but also other countries in Asia, South America and the rest of the world with our Pune-manufactured cranes.

Generally, we offer our cranes in a basic version. Subsequently, customers can choose options according to their needs and preferences. Beneath different climbing systems and variable lengths of tower sections we have, for example, two kinds of hoist gear with 24 kW and 30 kW for our NC-B series. With the 30 kW hoist gear, even hook heights of 500 m can be reached in a two-fall operation mode. Also, from a technological point of view, I would say this machine is one of the safest machines on the market.

Further, it is an economical crane since it uses just exactly the energy that is needed for the job. This is due to the fact that all three drives are controlled by frequency converters. Accordingly, the energy consumption is very low, which is a great advantage for our customers. A major safety feature of this crane is its fine positioning mode. By pushing one button, the speed can be lowered to a minimum and the load can be controlled precisely which is useful especially in handling heavy parts. For operator comfort, the cabin has a comfortable seat with ergonomically integrated control joysticks. Additionally we also offer training programmes for crane drivers and fitters and have a domestic hotline for the technical support.

Market outlook
Giving a look at the future of the Indian market we expect a steady growth. Many economical outlooks support this thesis. The construction market will catch up and business fields like affordable housing and building houses with precast sections will challenge the supplier's flexibility in terms of providing new crane models regarding mobility and capacity. For us this also creates opportunities, like for example, for our MK series (mobile construction crane) that consists of a tower crane mounted on a mobile crane chassis. This unique combination is optimised for short application jobs mainly in areas with low space, which means, it is kind of made for Indian major cities. We also call the concept of MK cranes 'taxi concept' since the whole job can be done by one person and due to quick erection and dismantling times, two to three jobs can be done on a single day.

Liebherr will further focus
on the Indian market with its size and growth potential and will offer flexible and save machines as well as solutions tailored to the respective customer needs.