Cutting-edge analysis for perfect solutions
Mobil ServSM Lubricant Analysis program helps customers efficient machine operations with minimum operational downtime. 

Precise analysis and informed recommendations are at the core of lubrication services, and Mobil's dedicated Field Engineering Services (FES) team brings its 40 years of expertise in oil analysis to give cutting-edge solutions to its customers across the world. The Mobil Serv team specialises in early detection of potential damage in machine operations, ensuring minimum operational downtime and peak productivity for maximum profitability.  

Fast mover advantage
Time is of essence in an industrial set-up and Mobil Serv offers a distinct advantage, conducting oil sampling up to 66 per cent faster than industry peers - which translates into sampling activity in just one-third the usual time. The conventional process of collecting and labelling the samples typically requires 24 labour hours per month, with a significant portion of that time dedicated to printing and filling out sample labels. In an effort to streamline the sampling and labelling process, Mobil has developed an alternative maintenance solution. The Mobil Serv Lubricant Analysis program eliminates the time consuming sample labelling process through the use of pre-labelled sample bottles with QR codes and a unique number identifier. These QR codes and number identifiers allow the sample bottle to be quickly paired with a piece of equipment in the Mobil Serv Lubricant Analysis System with no additional sample labelling, improving sample process efficiency, while reducing labour associated with oil analysis and cutting time by 66 per cent. 

When the sample is processed, the laboratory handles each bottle as a unique item. Each sample is coded, labelled and tracked through the entire process. By the time test results are available, the equipment sample has directly benefitted from Mobil's knowledge of lubricants, decades of OEM relationships and a strong heritage of hands-on application expertise. Sample comments are provided to help identify potential problems, list possible causes and recommend actions for follow-up.

Core competencies
Mobil Serv Technical Services offers an extensive range of industrial services that are designed to help customers optimise their lubrication programs and machine availability. 

Mobil Serv Lubricant Analysis (MSLA): While bringing its 140-year experience in making high quality synthetic lubricants, operators are advised to incorporate an oil and equipment condition monitoring program to maximise the productivity of machinery and reduce costs. 

MSLA enables companies to conduct the entire process virtually on their mobile or tablet device through scan-and-go oil sampling bottles. It provides informative reports on the condition of the customer's equipment and lubricant.

Engine Inspection: This service encompasses expert inspections by Mobil's well-trained engineers using borescopes and specialised tools, helping diesel engines run efficiently with potentially extended life. The engineers use their expertise to inspect, report and document the condition of the internal components of diesel engines. 

Hydraulic Inspection: This Mobil Serv competency details critical hydraulic equipment, revealing opportunities to improve performance. The engineers inspect, report and document the condition of critical plant hydraulic systems. They use inspection data to establish the optimum time to replace critical hydraulic components such as pumps, valves, heat exchangers, filters and lubricants and then recommend maintenance practices to help improve system reliability.

Lubricant Recommendation: This service provides expert guidance in selecting proper lubricants for the equipment, which can help minimise costly maintenance and repairs, while providing optimum protection to the assets. Experienced ExxonMobil engineers assess current lubricants and recommend, when required, more effective product choices to help maximise equipment reliability for optimum productivity. 

Powertrain Analysis: This Mobil Serv service monitors transmission, differential and final drive oils for premature wear, contamination and oil condition. Powertrain analysis helps detect gear or transmission problems and lubricant contamination before they can result in costly downtime or repairs. Mobil Serv brings its expertise to each of these services, offering customers cutting-edge solutions for their specific needs.