Our objective is to focus on precision manufacturing
Started operations a year back, RS India plans to partner with various manufacturers and Indian companies to offer solutions in precision manufacturing. Jayant Joshi, Managing Director, RS India, shares more on the company and its plans ahead.

Could you brief us about RS India and its products and services?
Incorporated in June 2016, RUJ & SRM Mechanics (RS India) is a joint venture between SRM AG in Switzerland and RUJ Group. Formed with an objective to introduce precision manufacturing and create employment opportunities for the talent pool in India, RS India is a brainchild of Dr. Rajendra Kumar Joshi, an 85-year-old social entrepreneur who believes that consistent hard work and exploring the true potential with sheer dedication would make every individual's dream come true. An Indian born Swiss resident, Dr Joshi's dream was to contribute to his motherland by creating employment opportunities and making the youth in India independent and capable by skilling them.

RS India is incorporated to offer consultation and solutions in precision machining and manufacturing of precision parts, metal anodising, galvanic, painting and heat treatment, assembling, and quality. RUJ & SRM Mechanics (RS India) produces high quality precision parts from small to midsize dimensions and quantities, pre-assembled and tested components etc. RS India's Jaipur plant conducts manufacturing processes and techniques like milling, turning, Swiss style lathe and turning, surface grinding, cylindrical grinding, punching, laser cutting, heat treatment, anodizing, plating, powder coating, etc.

The company had begun its operations in July 2018 and has been manufacturing precision parts and components, where 99 per cent of its produce is exported to its partner SRM AG in Switzerland. The company will cater to the Indian market with the sole objective of forming partnerships in India and offer solutions and consultations on precision manufacturing.

What are the reasons for RUJ Group to invest in this plant?
The reliance of many domestic industries to import precision parts from European countries, primarily due to the standardised nature and good quality pushed Dr Joshi to think over if these precision parts could be made available in India itself. He also realised that there is a tremendous need to refurbish and create a good supply chain model in India, replicating the European model of supply chain and its management. He was also thoroughly inspired by the Swiss model of skilling individuals by training students and candidates at scholastic level to make them aware on the line of business that they would want to opt for when they grow up, giving them a perfect picture on the industry or the business they would wish to be a part of. This idea not only makes the individual more responsible towards his job, but he/she perfectly fits the role going forward, making the individual more successful in future.

Taking a cue from all these aspects and the "Make-in-India" mission introduced in India, Dr Joshi realised the country has immense talent and scope to make this dream come true, thereby decided to invest in India by launching RUJ & SRM Mechanics through a JV with SRM AG in Switzerland.

What are the salient features of the RS India plant inaugurated in March 2018?
With an investment over Rs 3 billion, this state-of-the-art Swiss precision and assembly plant has high-quality advanced machinery, imported from Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Japan. The new RS India plant in Jaipur promises 5,600 tonne per annum production and aims at generating employment for 250 workers. The company intends to export its major portion of its production and to explore the domestic market.

The plant offers all solutions right from grinding, sheet metal, galvanic, metal anodizing, surface treatment, painting, heat treatment, welding, assembling and quality, all under one roof.

RS India follows Swiss standards in every process, and they send every employee to Switzerland to gain practical training at the SRM Technologies AG for a short tenure. The company will be soon obtaining ISO 9001 and 13485 (medical services) certification along with ISO 14001 (Environmental Aspects) and OHSAS 18001 (Health and Safety) certifications.

How will the collaboration with SRM AG benefit RUJ Group?
The Swiss-based SRM Technologies is aligned to apportion its 30 years of rich experience in the manufacturing of mechanical components and devices. It plans to bring the broad spectrum of various production techniques with a capability of producing all mechanical components in-house, from prototypes to large scale productions.

RS India also invests on its employees and believes that precision cannot be brought in unless the manpower has been trained. The company sends most of its employees to its partner in SRM AG in Switzerland to receive training on how to function and handle specific machineries.

How do you intend to tap the exports market with this plant?
RS India has its knowledge partner SRM AG in Switzerland. Most of the products manufactured are currently sent to its partner. Also, the majority of mechanical companies in Europe have lack of space to expand their lines which is why the partnership of SRM AG with RS India allows the company to have an edge over the others in Europe. The export market will keep growing with the rising demand in European nations and other nations globally.

How do you foresee Make-in-India initiative a growth driver for precision metal parts?
Yes, with the government's Make-in-India initiative, many leading manufacturers from different domains are looking to set up or have already set up manufacturing facilities in India. With JVs like RUJ & SRM Mechanics, many world-class manufacturers have also entered Indian market which in turn has raised the quality standards for precision metal parts in the country. Indian manufacturers are now also capable of serving import demands from Indian markets which earlier used to go to other countries.

What are your growth plans for RS India?
RS India would like to partner with various manufacturers and Indian companies to offer solutions. It intends to take a step forward by showcasing its capabilities in India to the potential clientele. The company has a huge land bank which can be further utilised to add on more lines and increase its capacity. The company intends to export majority of its production and to explore the domestic market.