Indigenous crane control and safety systems
Cranesafe Technologies was incepted in 2007 to provide services for the critical problems in hydraulics, pneumatics and electronics for any type and make of mobile cranes. During this period, we observed that servicing of imported safe load indicator (SLI) was a real challenge because of lack of availability of spares, lack of circuit details and delayed response from the OEM. As a result, crane owners had faced problems like downtime of crane and high spare and services cost. Sometimes due to inordinate delay in getting parts resulted in de-hiring of cranes from their clients. There was a market need to have good quality SLI system with an efficient service back up.

Cranesafe Technologies started manufacturing good quality SLI system indigenously with the commitment of dedicated services. More than 1,000 Cranesafe SLI systems are working all over India and abroad. These SLI systems help safe operation of cranes as per the load chart and safety guidelines.

Cranesafe Technologies introduced integrated, indigenous crane control and safety system. Total hydraulic and electronic conversion of a crane now becomes our asset. Customer satisfaction and crane health are the key factors of our work nature. Cranesafe Technologies is known for genuine, customised and appropriate solutions to crane problems.

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