Success for SDLG motor graders after Asian launch

Customers in the road-building and road-maintenance sectors across Asia are turning to one of China?s leading construction equipment manufacturers, SDLG, for reliable motor graders that deliver robust performance, responsive service support and a fast return on their investment.

Shandong Lingong Machinery Co., Ltd (known as Lingong) is China?s leading manufacturer of wheel loaders and is continually expanding its range of SDLG-branded construction machinery to meet customer demand. While many customers have been pleased with the power and performance of SDLG wheel loaders, they are now looking to expand their fleets with other products from SDLG?s range of construction equipment. In 2013, Lingong launched its SDLG G9190 motor grader in several Asian markets and thanks to a positive response, further launches will now follow.

Success in Asia
The G9190 was launched at the Mining Indonesia tradeshow in 2013, and then presented at Excon India later that year. It is now available in Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Timor-Leste, the Philippines, Myanmar and Cambodia through a network of experienced dealers. To support sustainable, long-term growth, Lingong only partners with distributors that are experienced in selling and supporting heavy equipment in their local markets. So far, this approach has proved successful in delivering service support quickly and effectively.

And to support this endeavor, the company has also opened a new warehouse in Singapore to deliver SDLG spare parts across Southeast Asia more quickly. To serve the Indian market, Lingong also has an SDLG parts warehouse in Bangalore, southern India.

Anthony Neo, director sales support APAC ? SDLG, says:
?Our customers that already have SDLG wheel loaders in their fleet have the added benefit that the SDLG range features common engine and transmission parts across many units in the range. With our two parts warehouses in Asia, they receive parts quickly and we?ve also received positive feedback about the support our customers receive from our dealers across Asia.?

The G9190 has been particularly successful in India, where a lot of road-construction projects are currently underway. B Sridhar, deputy general manager ? SDLG India, says:
?The SDLG G9190 has been officially approved by the relevant government authorities and can be registered in India ? this is a huge advantage for our customers here. They are pleased with its reliability and the fact that it is readily available in stock, making lead times short. All in all, it?s a very appealing package for our customers in India.?

The G9190 features a 13 ft (3,962 mm) moldboard as standard for wider grade coverage, as well as the turbocharged Dalian Deutz Stage II engine. The low-noise engine is perfectly matched to the grader?s electro-hydraulic transmission control system, allowing the operator to select the correct gear, depending on load, for optimum efficiency and power.

With optimized weight distribution, the machine has an impressive 82 kN tractive force, while its blade is operated via the unit?s Moveable Blade Control System (MBCS) for ultimate grading precision. The blade can rotate through a full 360? and incline up to a 90? gradient. It also boasts a class-leading down force of 8,386 kg to maximize the cut depth without front-end drift.

A customer?s perspective
PT KEPID Technology runs a coal-handling operation in a remote part of Kalimantan, Indonesia. The company?s operations manager, Daniel Krismantoro, purchased an SDLG G9190 motor grader to keep the loading area flat and smooth ? and because it wasn?t going to be in operation all day, every day, he decided he didn?t need the bells and whistles of a premium brand.

Krismantoro was pleasantly surprised with the performance of the machine, and he says:
?The fuel efficiency and power rival any other brand of motor grader, so we feel like we?ve got a really good deal for the price of the machine. Our operator is also pleased with handling and the comfortable cab.?