Attachment Solutions

In its endeavour to promote quality and speed of construction, Suretech has joined hands with Miller and Webster of UK and All Kor Company of Korea for various excavator attachments.

Excavator has traditionally been used only for excavations and digging in India while it is used as a multi-purpose tool all over the globe. Customers have been quite inflexible in their thinking and resist using the excavators for anything other than digging and rock breaking. However, the ever-reducing margins have compelled them to look at better utilisation of their equipment. Another reason for a change of heart could be immense success of Miller couplers which enable change of attachments in minutes instead of hours, very easily and efficiently.

?We have brought into India several attachments for increasing productivity and profitability of our customers. We also provide free advice/consultancy on use of various attachments to our customers. We provide advice on effective and optimum use of excavators and methods of improving productivity and efficiency,? says Sunil Newatia, Managing Director, Suretech.

Sunil adds, ?We have always believed in promoting quality and most of the companies we represent are either No 1 or No 2 in their product segment and in the world market. We are representing Miller & Webster of UK and All Kor Company of Korea for various excavator attachments.?

All Kor Co (AKC) was established in 2003 with an aim to provide high quality excavator attachments. AKC today has four manufacturing facilities around Seoul, Korea for manufacturing rock breakers, crusher and demolition attachments, material handling attachments & vibro rippers. AKC is primarily an export- oriented unit and one of the leading suppliers of breakers and other attachments in European and Russian markets.

Miller couplers

These enable you to change from bucket to attachment in less than a minute saving you hours of productivity and fuel. The cost of the couplers can be recovered in just three months even if the customer has to make one change per day.

Miller scoop buckets

These buckets come with a patented ice cream scoop design which reduces the ground resistance while digging. The deep curve design allows better fill factor of 85-90 per cent resulting in better productivity. Use of scoop buckets can enable a customer to fill a normal 6 cu m tipper in only five to six buckets instead of normal seven to eight bucket loads.

Rock breakers

AKC breakers are designed for heavy duty breaking of rocks and concrete and are ideal for quarry, mining and demolition applications. They are known worldwide for high durability and reliable quality.

Concrete crushers

AKC is one of the leading manufacturers of concrete demolition tools and has recently brought one unit to showcase their quality. Demolition is going to be the next big thing in India and AKC products are going to play a major role.

Webster rock wheel

Webster is one of the leading manufacturers of rock wheel and produces several different models for various applications like tunneling, trenching, mining etc. They make single drum cutters for slot cutting for cable laying, pile breaking, concrete road repair work etc.

Sunil says, ?All the companies we represent are very strong in R&D and are capable of developing new attachments as per customers? requirements at a short notice.? Miller recently realised that some Indian excavator manufacturers had re-designed their buckets which were obstructing the fitment of a coupler. Their R&D team quickly made a new design to suit this change. AKC has designed clam shell buckets for cleaning man-holes, well digging etc, as per the customers? requirements. Webster has designed a brand new product for concrete road repairs and pile breaking.

Sunil assures, ?Customers are most welcome to bring their problems and special requirements to us and we are very confident our principals can design a solution for them.?

Attachment Range

Miller quick coupler and scoop buckets
Rock breakers, rock wheel, pile breakers, demolition concrete crushers, pulverisers and vibro rippers.
Material handling
Stone grabs, metal scrap grapple, clam shell bucket and pipe grabs
Ground improvement
Earth augers, sheet pile drivers and extractors, dredge pumps and plate compactors.