U&M orders 30 MTU Series 4000 engines
Rolls-Royce will deliver 30 Series 4000 MTU engines to U&M Mineratpo e Construtpo S/A, a leading earthworks contractor in Brazil. U&M will use the new MTU 12V 4000 C03 engines to repower a fleet of mining trucks and excavators, improving the performance, profitability and sustainability of the machinery. The 30 engines are to be delivered in 2020 and come in addition to 20 of the same engines ordered by U&M in 2019. Carlos Levy, Rolls-Royce's Managing Director for MTU solutions in Brazil, said, "We are proud to have once again convinced U&M of our MTU solutions for the mining sector. They are operating in one of the remotest regions of Brazil under very challenging conditions, making their choice a special accolade for our engines and services." Mauricio Casara, Commercial Director, U&M said,"Already having MTU engines perform reliably in part of our fleet played an important part in our decision to repower additional machinery with MTU engines. Also, we prefer to have the same engine type powering both our load and hauling machines."

U&M will be using the MTU engines in both Komatsu 930 mining trucks and Hitachi EX5500-6 mining shovels. Repowering these excavators with MTU Series 4000 engines is a first which had never been done before. The move improves the performance, reliability and cost-effectiveness of the machinery and reduces the logistical effort needed to support the machinery.

In the near future, more than 100 MTU engines will be running in mining applications all over Brazil, supported by local service partners.