Column-mounted JIB Crane
A column-mounted jib crane takes the columns in the structure for supporting the jib and hoist assembly with a slewing mechanism.

Handling of materials/equipment in multistory buildings and industrial plants such as boilers, cement plants, refineries etc, is done using tower cranes and/ or builders tower hoists. For reaching various floors, cantilever platforms are to be erected temporarily to unload materials at different elevations. In contrast, a column mounted jib crane takes the columns in the structure for supporting the jib and hoist assembly with a slewing mechanism.

Material is hoisted from the ground level away from the structure / building and as it reaches the floor where jib hoist is mounted, the load is taken to the floor by slewing the jib to the required extent and lowering the load on to the floor, as seen from the adjacent pictures. The jib crane is made in a few parts, so as to enable a crew of four people to dismantle, carry it to the desired floor and re-erect it in a day. A few of the cranes can be mounted on several floors to operate individually.

Any material, such as construction equipment bricks, windows floor tiles, fittings etc which are to be fitted in any floor can be handled conveniently. In case of boilers and other plants, various small plant and material for each floor, such as gratings, chequered plate, insulation, refractory casing, hand rails, gas cylinders, welding plant etc can all be conveniently handled.
The capacity of the Uma Engineering Works column-mounted jib crane is 500 kg on single fall of rope or 1000 kg on two falls. The drive is by crane duty motor through an inverter drive, gear box and rope drum. An integral mechanical brake is fitted. The inverter provides multispeed and soft start/ stop functions. The lift of the crane is up to 50 m.

Advantages of this design are:
  • The jib crane is a safe hoist, portable and smooth operating device.
  • Integral mechanical brake provides fail safe braking.
  • The crane is erected on the structure using clamps, optimising on the total weight.
  • The slewing arrangement allows load to be handled on to the floor from outside the building/structure.
  • It can be erected at any level and operated to handle materials to any level below the mounted floor.
With a little guide the crane can be permanently installed as a service lift for goods in the building.


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