Liugong has an existing manufacturing capacity of more than 3,000 units in India

?The technological trends, as compared to conventional grading and compacting methodologies, are apparent in the increased use of GPS guidance and laser control techniques,? says Sunil Sapru, President, Liugong India. Excerpts from the interview.

Tell us about the range offered in motor graders? What are their unique features?
Liugong offers a vast range of products for various applications and is undoubtedly one of the right solution providers. In India, we have launched two models as of now, the CLG414 and the CLG418. With strengthened components, ZF technology and Cummins engine, these robust machines are productive and durable in the toughest conditions. They also consist of safety cab with inbuilt ROPS/FOPS and enclosed air-conditioned cabin standard to make it simple, professional and effective to use.

What are the growth enablers?
Liugong is committed to enhancing the quality of work around the world. Being the market leader in the wheel loader segment, we are investing heavily on R&D of key components of machines. In addition to this, we are continuously expanding our existing product line by adding hydraulic excavators and crawler cranes. Above all, we have recently begun the acquisition process of the HSW/DRESSTA construction equipment plant to expand our production capacity and product line.

What is the existing manufacturing capacity for these product lines?
Liugong has an existing manufacturing capacity of more than 3,000 units in India, and is constantly considering its expansion in product lines and technology.We will make the announcements when there will be a new offering from the Indian plant.

What is the importance of grading before compaction?
In today's construction industry, grading plays a more important role than it was before. In reality, this phase of construction represents the foundation of the construction industry. It is absolutely necessary to have a smooth and uniform surface to achieve uniform compaction density.

What are the factors that affect grading?
Grading in construction is the work of ensuring a level base, or one with a specified slope. For construction work such as a foundation, the base course for a road or a railway and garden improvements or surface drainage. To start from, the operator's skill is the most important factor that affects grading. Liugong is continuously providing rigorous training to the operators to make them more competent and effective. Furthermore, the type of soil and contract specification also plays an important role in grading.