Our sand process equipment will be launched soon
Taurian Equipment are always flexible to customers with respect to operation as well as investment and ROI, says H Sankaranarayanan, Director-Operations, Taurian Engineering. Excerpts from the interview.

How do you assess the demand-supply scenario for manufactured sand, and the overall market in terms of size and value for sand manufacturing equipment?
The overall demand is good in some pockets of India especially in states like Maharashtra and Kerala where sand mining is banned. The overall market is pegged at around Rs 7,500 crore and expected to touch Rs 12,000 crore in 2014. The market size of the sand manufacturing equipment is valued around Rs 75 crore minimum annually. If the government tightens the rules and regulations the industry growth can be doubled to Rs 150 crore annually.

What is the range you offer?
Taurian offers complete solution for sand manufacturing units, both dry and wet process. Our sand process equipment is based on European technology and it is under trial and will be launched soon. Taurian equipment is always flexible to customers with respect to operation as well as investment and ROI.

What are the features incorporated to bring down energy consumption, especially in the VSI?
VSI basically operates on high RPM and produces dust. To conserve energy, we have chosen energy efficient motors, the liners, wear materials, etc. We have also introduced lighter material which can conserve energy and also give longer life. It is already proving to be efficient in some of the plants.

Tell us about the value propositions you offer clients.
At present we don?t offer any propositions directly but assuring the customers on their ROI with low operating cost, lesser wear and high productivity. We are supplying trained operators along with the supplies for a period of three months and that can be extended subject to mutual understanding.

What is your take on the rising input cost, devaluation of Indian rupee and excise duty increase in the recent Budget?
It is eating away at our profits. We don?t have any imported items except the bearings in the sand manufacturing unit and we are trying to bring down the manufacturing cost by adapting a more viable manufacturing process. The same is under trial at our factory and it has shown at least 15 per cent decrease in the manufacturing cost.

How do you look at the performance in the last fiscal?
The growth is good compared to the last fiscal. We expect to grow around 40 per cent this year.

What do you think is the potential for sand manufacturing equipment from sand manufacturing companies?
Once again, the customers will opt for the sand manufacturing equipment if they are given subsidies or some sort of a relief in taxes, etc.

What is your take on increasing competition and what differentiates Taurian from others?
Taurian is different because of our speed in deliveries, energy efficiency, service, etc. Our prices are also reasonable compared to MNCs.

What are the major challenges in this segment?
The major challenges are competition with local companies vying to take the share; however, this can be tackled.