Weighing on Wheel Loaders

Senlogic's on board weighing system is the simplest and most appreciated product on the market today.

On board weighing system is a weighing device which can be fixed on the driver's cabin which exactly shows the weight of the material being loaded into the equipment like loaders (all types and all models), excavators, dumpers, and articulated dump truck. ?By our on board system, we will know the exact amount of material handled by the equipment,? says R Ravichandran, Managing Director and Director ? Technical, Senlogic Automation.

Senlogic Automation has technical collaboration with VEI, Italy, a pioneer of on board weighing system with expertise over two decades across the globe. ?In India, we have the field expertise for past ten years and have supplied weighing devices to mining equipment,? says Ravichandran. By implementing Senlogic's on board weighing system Helper P7 and Mills 2 series in the loaders, the user can know the exact amount of material being loaded into the loaders. This will prevent the overloading and under-loading of material. This will increase productivity. Helper7 makes of integration a full hit. One unit includes printer and ikey data memory reader. Helper7, the all-in-one concept brings integration to loader and brightness of use. The Helper7 unit includes printer and USB reader for transferring loading data to a memory stick. No junction boxes are added making the Helper7 very compact and tough against environmental conditions.

Similarly, Helper21 offers effective maintenance of preventing overloading and under-loading when fitted in the excavator. The Helper21 is the most powerful loader scale, incorporating a touch-screen display and new technologies that enable one to manage more data faster than ever. With the Helper21, the office is now connected to the wheel loaders. The Helper21 is not only a weighing system but a complete Payload Management combined with a modern and user-friendly interface which makes it the state-of-the-art system within the industry and the most advanced technology out there.

Millennium is a standard solution for initial recording of truck and bucket load transaction weights. It is designed to offer weight control during loading in order to prevent overloads and receive basic loading information.

Helper Mini is the ideal solution for compact loaders and skid steers. The most simple and cost-effective solution combined with VEI weighing technology makes it the ideal tool for primary weighing requirements.

Dumper Load is the weighing device designed to fit the dumpers. The system displays the exact amount of material loaded into the dumper at the driver's cabin. The system will optimise the loading of the dumpers. This will effectively save the worn out of tyre and maximises the life of tyre and components of the dumpers. Most importantly, it increases the trip per tonne. More than a weighing device, it will completely monitor the dumper like the cycle time, trip time, unloading time, ideal time, fuel consumption, etc.

Senlogic's on board weighing system is capable of communicating with GSM/GPRS modems. With the combination of this on board weighing device and GSM/GPRS modems and Senlogic's mine suit software, the user can monitor and control the entire mining operation.


? It is ideal tool for preventing overloads
? Prevents overloading and under-loading
? Knows the exact amount of material being loaded
? Effective maintenance of the equipment by means of lowering of wear and tear of components and tyre of the equipment which otherwise causes a major problem in maintaining the mining equipment.