We have significant breakthroughs in bearing technology
The Timken products and services have proved to be one of its kinds by helping customers with efficiency and solutions, and we definitely see a great potential for our products for the CE sector in the coming years, feels Sanjay Koul, Managing Director & Director of Manufacturing, Timken India. Excerpts from the interview...

Will the acquisition of Schulz Group have any bearing on Timkens Indian operations?
Schulz Group provides electric motor and generator repairs, motor rewinds, custom controls and panels, systems integration, pump services, machine rebuilds, hydro services and diagnostics for a broad range of commercial and industrial applications. Acquiring Schulz Group will further advance our strategy to extend our geographical reach and at the same time it will help grow our capabilities.

Being a provider of friction management and power transmission solutions, what will be the impact of improving cost-efficiency on an aggregate supplier like Timken?
Improvements in cost-efficiency has become one of the most challenging aspects for competitive markets. A supplier like Timken, which is into friction management and power transmission solutions, would definitely receive an impact considering fuel and energy efficiency have become two major parameters while selecting an equipment. Timken will have an impact as the end-user community is focused on cost and the bidding usually is forced or influenced by the lowest bid.

With regards to fuel and energy efficiency of construction equipment, brief us on the latest technology trends and products in friction management.
Technology develops everyday and provides us with new and different products, one better than the other. The friction management products offer a high return - from increasing the operational efficiency to fuel and energy saving. The latest trends in technology has resulted in bringing forth LB Fosters Protector, which is designed to apply either gauge face grease or revolutionary friction modifiers, including Keltrack and TOR oils. Timken offers a vast range of solutions such as the industrial gear drives, which is improved by advanced materials science and higher computing power. Timken roller bearings also contribute to this development. Our engineers are constantly working to improve the performance and power.

Explain on the concept of enhanced surface finishing and its advantages.
These days, consumer values the products and services based on the first impression or on an immediate judgment. Surface finishing provides with a better surface quality as it depends on the surface treatment, film thickness and process control. Surface finishing modifies the metal surface such as the hardness and abrasion resistance. They also alter the appearance by further protecting from corrosion.

Considering its potential in India, the independent plating shop will continue to exist for at least another generation but that success will increasingly involve a willingness and ability to adapt to change. At the same time, suppliers to the industry like us will also achieve some success in broadening the range of processes that cannot be carried out by non-specialists.

What are the innovative trends in bearings and solutions offered by Timken?
Timken provides a range of bearings and power transmission products. In the light truck and passenger car sector, Timken designs to improve performance and durability. The automakers, from around the world, integrate Timken bearings, steels and power transmission throughout their vehicles.

Kindly elaborate on Timkens flex drive, its design features and advantages.
Timkens integrated flexpin bearing features pins pressed into only one wall of the gearset carrier. At the free end of the pin, an annular sleeve and bearing assembly support the gear. Under load, opposing bending forces in the sleeve and pin offset one another, resulting in zero misalignment across a broad range of torque. This enables much simpler gear design while providing significant torque reduction.

Brief us on Timken magnetic encoders and their advantages.
The Timken magnetic encoder, known as the Timken M15 Modular Magnetic Encoder, is a high-resolution modular incremental encoder and offers reliable performance at an economical price. This handles a wide range of end play shaft with its patented magnetic technology providing operational advantages over conventional encoders in high temperature and vibration environments. These magnetic encoders have various benefits along with them - they have a long operational life, consistent performance, customised for application and provide with a confident operation during tough environments.

Brief us on the Bengaluru R&D facility.
The R&D facility in Bengaluru is one of the four captive Timken innovation and development centres around the world. This provides our customers with a unique opportunity to access a global pool of engineering expertise and the latest technological advancements. The products, services and technical support provided helps equipment perform better. This technology centre will continue to lead innovation in customer product and application engineering, manufacturing advancement, information technology and shared services. It is one of its kinds in India.

Brief us on the core competencies and strengths of Timken India.
Timken for years has been focusing on value creation for diverse market segments. It has led the industry with significant breakthroughs in bearing technology by offering friction management solutions that maximise performance, fuel-efficiency and equipment life. We have grown considerably, but solving customer problems is still at the core of our business. Our strengths have been and always will be a strong product performance, power transmission components and systems and support from the local technology centre.

Please elaborate on the services provided by Timken.
Timken provides services and products in friction management and power transmission solutions to help customers operate faster and more efficiently. Its products and services have proved to be one of its kinds by helping customers with efficiency and solutions and we definitely see a great potential for our products for the CE sector in future.