Aquajet Trio for bridge and road repair applications

Aquajet has introduced a dynamic trio of machines ideally suited for road and bridge repair applications - the Aqua Cutter 710V hydrodemolition robot, Ecosilence 3.0 high-pressure pump system, and EcoClear water treatment system. Together, the machines provide contractors safety and productivity of robotic hydrodemolition with the added benefit of on-site, on-demand wastewater treatment - all in a compact footprint that meets strict environmental regulations while providing maximum versatility for congested jobsites.

“Safe and efficient wastewater handling is the number one concern for contractors, especially in bridge applications where even a minor spill not only threatens the environment but the contractor’s ability to work in that area,” said Roger Simonsson, Managing Director of Aquajet. “We’ve designed a trio of machines that, when used in combination, allows contractors to conquer road and bridge projects with power, precision and the complete certainty that wastewater is safe for release back into the environment or recirculation through the machine, reducing water requirements.”

With the 710V, operators can complete the work faster and with more precision than traditional methods. The 5,070-pound (2,300-kg) unit provides exceptional reach and unmatched productivity - up to 25 times faster compared to handheld pneumatic devices. It uses 14,500-40,000-psi water jets to remove as much as 35 cu ft (1 cu m) per hour of concrete. Unlike other methods, hydrodemolition cleans and de-scales rebar without damaging it or producing micro-fracturing in the surrounding concrete. The method also provides a superior bonding surface, which can extend the longevity of repairs by as much as three times, making it an ideal method for time- and budget-sensitive road and bridge repair projects.

For applications such as bridge deck repair and expansion joint replacement, the 710V combines power with high precision. Aquajet’s cutting-edge technology - including the Equal Distance System (EDS), ceramic nozzles and Evolution control system - provide high productivity with high-quality results.

The 710V’s innovative mast design also gives operators better reach for applications such as columns, piers, abutments and parapets. The front power head can reach as high as 23 ft (7 m) without additional support. Combined with Aquajet’s unique cutting head and multi-axis 3D positioning system, the unit provides versatile operation, easily removing concrete on horizontal, vertical and overhead surfaces that would be difficult to get at with other equipment.

The 710V is compatible with Aquajet’s line of accessories, such as extension kits, rotolances and circular power heads, as well as spines and frames, for increased versatility.

Powered by the Ecosilence 3.0 Power Pack, the 710V easily removes loose, deteriorated concrete or lowers the sound concrete to a pre-determined depth. Aquajet’s Ecosilence 3.0 consists of a 20-ft container that houses the engine and pump, offering reduced noise, low emissions and a cost-effective equipment transportation option, as well as secure storage for the robot and accessories when not in operation. A built-in workbench with a vise provides contractors a space for jobsite maintenance and a place to store spare parts, accessories and high-pressure hoses. The skid-mounted unit employs auto start/stop technology, like that found in many modern automobiles, which temporarily shuts down the engine when not in operation to reduce idling time by up to 50 per cent. The Ecosilence 3.0 is available in several pressure and flow combinations, allowing operators to scale equipment to meet their specific needs.

With the EcoClear, contractors can leverage cutting-edge technology to meet even the strictest environmental standards. The system, contained in a compact, 20-ft container, lets contractors treat water, which can be scarce on some road and bridge applications, or safely release it back into the environment. The treatment system processes the wastewater generated through hydrodemolition, neutralising water pH and greatly reducing its turbidity. The EcoClear moves as much as 88 gpm, or about 5,283 gallons (20 cu m) per hour, through a series of treatment chambers that neutralise alkaline water to a pH of 6 to 9 and reduce turbidity to just 20-40 mg particles/litre, allowing contractors to treat wastewater in real time and maintain an environmentally sound jobsite. The entire process can be monitored and controlled with the RECO control system. This system records all historical data on outgoing water in a format that can be easily verified with third parties, such as project stakeholders or government agencies.

“To gain the advantage in road and bridge applications, contractors need to be able to do the job quickly and efficiently, but also to provide the documentation proving compliance with environmental regulations,” Simonsson said. “For decades, our Aqua Cutters have been revolutionising road repair applications. But with the addition of the EcoClear and the Ecosilence, contractors can really stand out in this highly competitive field.”