BICES 2023: Full steam ahead for preparations
BICES 2023 pre-show press conference and exhibitor preparation meeting was held successfully in Beijing on June 13, 2023. Wu Peiguo, Secretary General of CCMA and Chairman of BAICE delivered a keynote speech at the conference titled “Organisation and Preparation of BICES 2023 Exhibition”.

Today is a 100-day countdown to the opening of the 16th China Beijing International Construction Machinery, Building Material Machines and Mining Machines Exhibition & Seminar (i.e. BICES 2023). We solemnly held the BICES 2023 pre-show press conference and exhibitor preparation meeting, and officially announced to all that preparations for BICES 2023, which will be held in China International Exhibition Center (New Venue) on September 20-23, 2023 have been basically completed. Today's press conference also marks the official entry of the global construction machinery industry exhibition into BICES 2023.

BICES is an industrial expo in China with the longest history and high-quality performance, is a weather vane for the innovation and development of China’s construction machinery, and also a big stage for the demonstration of new products, new technologies, new construction methods, new services and brands of global construction machinery. After 34 years and 15 sessions of development, BICES 2023 will fully leverage five unique advantages in industry, regional, exhibition venue, brand and organisation. Especially regional advantage, as a national political centre, cultural centre, international exchange centre, and technological innovation centre, Beijing gathers government departments, central enterprise headquarters, national business associations, national engineering design institutes, research institutes, universities, top experts in various fields, as well as numerous embassies and consulates, diplomatic agencies, and related foreign-funded enterprises.

Next, on behalf of the organising committee, I will focus on introducing the organisation and preparation of the BICES 2023 exhibition, as well as the next key works:
Exhibitor organisation and registration: As of now, the number of registered exhibitors has exceeded 1,000, and the total exhibition area is expected to exceed 1,50,000 sq m. Most all of the top 50 global construction machinery enterprises are present and are directly organised and participated by the headquarters. The large-scale exhibitors (based on the size of the exhibition area) include Liugong, Sany, SDLG, Caterpillar, Zoomlion, XCMG, Komatsu, Shantui, Develon, Heli, Hangcha, CRCHI, Jonyang, Taizhong, Dingli, Tongli, Censcience, CREC, Hitachi, Maxpower, Huatai, Weimeng, Shengfu, Jinta, JLG, XGMA, Chufeng and so on.

The upstream and downstream enterprises of the industrial chain are actively registering, and new faces are constantly emerging. Enterprises with a large area of participation (according to the size of the exhibition area) include Han's Laser, Commins, Isuzu, LKC, Shenghang, Nisco, Globe-Reach, Eddie, Jiachen, Shenglong, Chengding, Sicoma, Kawasaki, Jinli, Stronger, Deutz, Volvo, Hengli, JYXC, SDEC Power, Valspar, Tailong, Leica, Leemin, But, Kohler and so on.

Theme exhibition area and booth division: We have planned 15 exhibition areas with prominent themes, distinctive features, and diverse forms. These themed exhibition areas cover the main product range, service content, and the latest development directions of the industry. There will be a large number of high-end, intelligent, green construction machinery products and technologies will focus on the show; A lot of new service suppliers will bring the latest service solutions for the first time, such as certification, training, finance, leasing, after-market, unmanned supporting services, and other enterprises, as well as tower cranes, the lifter will be on the BICES stage the first time.

The 15 themed exhibition areas are high-end equipment area, intelligent, digital, and industrial internet area, intelligent manufacturing and high-end parts, green construction equipment, and technology area, industrial ghetto advantageous equipment area, emergency rescue equipment and ice and snow equipment, commercial vehicle and logistics equipment area, carbon emissions peak and carbon neutrality area, special and new equipment area, modern supply chain area, after-market area, high-end service area, construction machinery cultural experience area, outdoor show area, outdoor demonstration area, and others. Also, we have planned to set up a special exhibition area to showcase the achievements of China's construction machinery industry in scientific and technological innovation since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

Concurrent conferences and activities: Nearly 100 high-quality concurrent conferences and events will be held during BICES 2023.

First, events are led and hosted by CCMA and its branches. The currently confirmed conferences and activities are: China Excavator Industry Conference, China Construction and Equipment Technology convergence Development Conference, China Construction Machinery Supporting Parts Industry Seminar, China Construction Crane Health Ecosphere Summit Forum, National Construction Machinery Manufacturers Association Conference, the 4th China Industrial Vehicle Industry New Technology Seminar, Construction Machinery Green Development, and Bicarbon Conference, 10th Anniversary of High Aerial Work Platform Rental Series Activities, Road Building and Maintenance Machinery Expert Seminar, BICES User Day Series Activities, China Construction Machinery User Satisfaction Forum, After-market Service Exchange Forum and so on, as well as the "China Construction Machinery Industry Chronicle (2016-2020)" will also be released for the first time in the exhibition.

Second, events hosted by BICES organisers: The 3rd ird "the Belt and Road" Construction Machinery International Cooperation Forum, the 3rd China Africa Construction Machinery Cooperation and Development Forum, the 2nd International Capacity Cooperation Forum on Overseas Contracting Engineering and Construction Machinery and Silk Road Center Leading Talents into BICES 2023, the World Construction Machinery Intelligence Conference, China Construction Machinery Prime Suppliers Top 500 Conference, 2023 Global Aerial Work Equipment Industry Summit and Award Ceremony, China Construction Machinery Industry Conference and Brand Gala, China Construction Machinery Marketing Salon, Construction Machinery Coordination Forum, Construction Machinery Hundred People Association (CM100) Kickoff Conference and First Construction Machinery Green Intelligent Development Forum, Strugglers' Homeland - BOSS Group Series Theme Activities.

In addition, CCMA is planning a series of international conferences and activities focusing on the international market demand with international associations.

In particular, we need to introduce to you that we will carry out a series of selection activities and creative design competitions among exhibitors and exhibits during the exhibition.

Moreover, there are also strong countries that share activities in our moments, construction machinery model enthusiast clubs, interactive experiences of construction machinery simulation operation, social public day, and so on.

Professional visitor organisation: BICES organising committee has held several special symposiums with key buyer units and invited them to visit shows, such as government agencies, central enterprise group headquarters, construction units, design institutes, leasing companies, and service providers.
1.    Visit and communicate with user units of central enterprises to visit BICES 2023 show, they are including China Railway Group, China Railway Construction Corporation, China Communications Construction, China State Construction, China Road & Bridge Corporation, Beijing Construction Engineering Group, Beijing Urban Construction Corporation, PetroChina, Sinopec, China Chemical Construction Enterprises Association, China Power Construction Enterprises Association, China Metallurgical Construction Association, etc.
2.    Interview and invite provincial and municipal bureaus and groups of highway, bridges, engineering, transportation, investment, etc. The first station will be in Jinan, Shandong province and will hold a user symposium there. Later, we will continue to carry out professional user invitation work in Hebei, Henan, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Eastern three provinces, Fujian and other places.
3.    The media partners will also plan to organise professional visitor groups visiting BICES during the exhibition period, such as BOSS groups, fan clubs, buyer groups, etc.

According to the further liberalisation of China’s epidemic policy and the more convenient entry and exit into China, we have promptly increased our efforts in international publicity and professional visitors inviting. We have held promotion conferences in the United States and Russia and conducted various forms of visitor organisation work in Russia, India, Southeast Asia, the Americas, Africa, Europe and other regions. We have also collaborated with numerous international associations, media, and partners to organise professional visitors and users to come to BICES. We believe that BICES 2023 show will make new breakthroughs in international professional visitor organisation.

In addition to the highlights mentioned above, BICES 2023 will also make breakthroughs in publicity, reporting, and operational services, striving to take it to a higher level. We will organise numerous domestic and foreign media to conduct comprehensive and three-dimensional coverage, and it is expected that there will be about 200 domestic and foreign news media to join in on-site coverage and promotion. We will provide convenient, safe, efficient, and comfortable exhibition and communication experiences for exhibitors, users, and visitors in terms of venue, transportation, security, catering, accommodation, tourism, and other aspects.

Finally, on behalf of the exhibition organising committee and Beijing Asiamachine International Convention and Exhibition, I’d like to express my high respect and heartfelt gratitude to all the guests who participated in today's conference, as well as to the people from all walks of life who have long cared about and supported the BICES exhibition work!

See you in Beijing, this golden autumn!