Bauer's Integral Services
Bauer Equipment India offers its customers not only special foundation equipment but also solutions for their special foundation and construction projects.

India's dynamic develo?pment needs increasing infrastructure development, especially in highways, power plants and dams. This will help the construction equipment sector to grow continuously in the future. Research findings show that over 60 per cent of the customers are aware of the technical aspects of machinery, the technology involved, the technical aspects of the job they have to do, in minute details. Customers for foundation equipment also focus on safety parameters, operator training and after-sales issues.

The presence of Bauer Maschinen in India should emphasise the commitment of Bauer to the regional market which dates back for many years. Bauer Maschinen has entered the Indian market to serve as a reliable and competent partner for Indian foundation companies on their impressive way in modernising the infrastructure of the country.

The Bauer Group is represented in India through its daughter company Bauer Equipment India. The company was established in 1994, with a registered office in Delhi and its operating office in Kolkata. It also was in 1994 when the first Bauer drilling rig, a BG 14, was sold to India, to Larsen and Toubro.

In the following years, Bauer increased its presence in India constantly, and dril?ling rigs like the BG 15, BG 22, BG 25, BG 28 and BG 36, as also the Bauer anchoring unit UBW 08, the deep vibrator TR 17 with power pack, the crane attac?hment unit B 15, as well as mixing and pumping units, all successfully used by the buyers for customers like Larsen and Toub?ro, Navayuga Engineering and Punj Lloyd.

In 2002, Bauer Construction, together with their local partners, executed the secant-pile-wall and diaphragm wall project Delhi Metro, and in 2003 they could successfully finalise the first large-scale 'cut-off wall project' in India, the Dhauliganga hydro-electric power plant project, in Dharchula, which had a volume of 8,000 cu m.

It has always been Bauer's target not only to sell high quality equipment to customers, but also to assist them in any further respect, ie, by transfer of technology and technical assistance, in order to contribute to the constant growth of this challenging market. For this reason, Bauer Equipment India has been established and is nowadays constantly being increased by highly skilled technical, sales and after-sales staff, so that Bauer's presence all around India is constantly guaranteed. The company holds three branches in India at strategically important positions, ie, Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai, with service facilities and wear-parts stock.

Bauer Equipment India forms an integrated part of the global service network of Bauer Maschinen GmbH, Germany. Bauer Equipment India offers to its customers in India not only special foundation equipment, but also solutions for their special foundation and construction projects, with a competent, top skilled team and excellent back-up from Germany's head office.