Bauer In-house Exhibition 2012
Bauer Maschinen GmbH welcomes the world of special foundation construction in Germany.

Bauer Maschinen welcomed over 2,000 guests from all over the world to the traditional In-House Exhibition. Twenty-five years have already gone since we invited guests to the first In-house exhibition in 1987. Over a period of four days, our customers, partners and friends took the opportunity to see the latest innovations in specialist foundation engineering equipment technology. Each day, live displays of Bauer machines in action at our Testing Grounds in Aresing attracted between 200 and 300 interested visitors.

Numerous technical discussions and presentations as well as an attractive and varied accompanying program took place in an atmosphere of welcoming and friendly Bauer hospitality. We have been very pleased to welcome again a delegation of Indian customers this year, who gave a very positive feedback on this event.

One of our Indian customers assures, ?It was a great pleasure in visiting Bauer In-House Exhibition. I thank you most sincerely for the courtesy and hospitality extended to us during our stay at Schrobenhausen?.

The Bauer In-House exhibition 2012 was not a pure machinery show, but was accompanied by live demonstrations of our equipment on our testing grounds in Aresing, by an inspection tour to our manufacturing and assembly plants in Aresing and Edelshausen, and by special tailor-made technical lectures for the Indian delegation. These extra features of our exhibition were considered as outstanding, remarkable highlights of this exhibition: ?We are delighted and have enriched ourselves with hands on know?ledge we gather from the technical discussion on 6 May, the live show of some of Bauer machines and visit to the various Bauer manufacturing and machine shops. We have indeed got clarity on our common old query how much rock socketing is possible by conventional rotary rig. The Multi Hammer Drill for higher strength of rock will be of lots interest for us in near future.

For sheet pile, the FAMBO hydraulic impact hammer will be also of our interest in future. Thank you once again and look forward to see you soon?.

Another visitor from India also emphasised the outstanding quality and highly informative contents of the seminars and lectures done on 6 May. Also the inspection of our manufacturing and assembly plants and welding facilities was considered as an ?outstanding feature of Bauer Maschinen, which makes this In-House Exhibition a highly informative event for all visitors which makes Bauer Maschinen GmbH an incomparable manufacturer.?

This year?s show featured numerous highlights:

New BG drilling rig lines

Customers have different requirements for a drilling rig, depending on regional geology, types and structure of the projects and the company.

Two product lines will be introduced for better fulfilling various ? sometimes even contradicting ? requirements.

The concept of BG ValueLine rigs and PremiumLine rigs was presented in two clear clusters of rigs: On one side, the ValueLine ? which is a concept for optimised Kelly drilling rigs - was shown with three units: BG 20 H; BG 26 and BG 30.

The ValueLine rigs are ideal for standard Kelly drilling works in India. They are characterised by:

? a long mast for carrying long Kelly bars (big drilling depth)
? increased drill axis distance for large borehole diameters
? winches with high line pull capacity
? high performance rotary drive with optimised efficiency.

On the other side, four examples of the PremiumLine were exhibited. The PremiumLine is the concept for multi-purpose rigs. A BG 20 H as carrier for a depth vibrator, a BG 30 with CFA attachment, the new BG 39 with Kelly system and casing oscillator and the new flagship of the show, the BG 46, with double rotary head system for the very successful CCFA method (cased continuous flight auger) are excellent examples of the multi-purpose concept of the PremiumLine.All PremiumLine rigs are equipped with TIER IV engines and therefore ready to become leaders in all countries with the strictest exhaust emission standards.

Manifold applications for the MC foundation cranes

The idea of multi-purpose rigs is also implemented in our MC foundation crane series. Five MC cranes were shown with different applications:

? MC 96 as carrier for a massive PILECO Diesel hammer D 180
? MC 64 as base machine for a low headroom cutter CBC 25. The unique rig can construct diaphragm walls to a depth of 60 m in limited headroom conditions of only 6 m. This is an ideal configuration for the construction of cut-off walls out of a tunnel at dam projects.

Three more MC cranes were shown on our test grounds in operation.

? MC 64 as carrier for the Fly Drill system. The method is interesting for bored pile construction in shallow water areas or other areas where a wide reach is required.
? MC 64, used as base carrier for a freely suspended FAMBO hydraulic hammer for driving sheet piles or any type of precast pile.
? An MC 128 ? which is the biggest crane of the MC series ? showed its strength as base unit for BDC - Dynamic Compaction. With BDC, the soil is compacted by repeated dropping of a heavy weight (pounder) from a predetermined height onto the ground surface. The main purpose of the demonstration was to show the automatic winch control, the winch capacity and the line speed of the foundation crane MC 128.

In addition to the core products of BAUER Maschinen, our daughter companies contributed to the show with a wide mix of their products.

RTG Rammtechnik is the specialist for pile driving rigs and related accessories. They showcased a brand new base carrier for their pile drivers. It includes fully automatic ventilation flaps for integrated noise protection at an unchanged transport width, stackable counterweight elements which allow easy and safe extra ballasting to cope with various application demands. The rig is also equipped with the latest BAUER cabin with sliding door, integrated colour touch-screen and many more features for a safe and comfortable operator?s work environment.

RTG also presented an innovative tool for soil mixing. It consists of coaxially acting twin mixing paddles which are driven by a double-head rotary drive. In suitable loose or soft soil conditions they can produce mixed columns to a depth of 23 m and with a maximum diameter of 2,400 mm.

Another daughter company, Klemm Bohrtechnik, showed their capacity and innovative power with six units. All of them are made for constructing small diameter boreholes for ground anchors, micro piles and similar in any direction or inclination. They were equipped with various drive systems (rotary, percussive, double head and many more).

HAUSHERR is solely producing machinery for blast hole drilling in open pit mining. As an example, the latest model HSB 3000 was put on the show.

Manufacturing exploration and well drilling rigs is the speciality for our daughter company PRAKLA. A compact rig RB 15 was shown as the latest development. It can be either mounted on crawlers ? as shown on the exhibition ? or it can be provided as truck mounted unit.

?The world construction markets are growing again and there is a big demand for foundation services and especially for large foundation equipment. In many countries, in the last 20 years, construction had not been enough to satisfy the requirements of the respective countries. Same thing applies to those countries, which only started market systems in the last decades. In these countries there is a huge need to catch up with the development of the infrastructure, to be able to compete on an equal basis with the rest of the world. I am very sure, that construction industry and the equipment manufacturing industry which serves its needs, will operate on the sunny side of economy in the coming decades as a result of these deficits,? Prof. Thomas Bauer, Chairman, BAUER Group, reflects the positive and optimistic mood in his opening speech which could be felt throughout the whole exhibition.