Case launches new soil compaction rollers SV215E and SV217E
Case launches its new compactor duo in the E Series lineup, the SV215E and SV217E single-drum vibratory rollers. The two new models are designed for fast, consistent soil compaction on different lift depths and material types.

High centrifugal forces and standard dual amplitude and dual-frequency capabilities allow operators to dial-in compaction performance on each lift. Both rollers run at 154 horsepower and weigh 33,420 and 36,500 pounds, respectively, with centrifugal forces up to 73,063 and 74,861 pounds.

Each model is compatible with ACEforce intelligent compaction technology to further guarantee documentation, productivity and compaction quality.

Compatible speed and compaction across the job site is improved with an electronic self-adjusting torque control system providing constant power to the drum and wheels. It is further aided by automatic traction control with an HX drive propulsion system – optional on smooth drums and standard on padfoot models. The drive system enables E-series compactors to keep stability and performance on grades up to 67%.

Compaction performance is further improved with an oscillating articulated roller joint that keeps constant drum-to-ground contact and a revised drum design that drops drift and keeps constant compaction throughout each rotation.

Standard dual frequencies and amplitudes, along with standard auto vibration control, let the operator set compaction performance based on the type of material and the depth of lift. It assists in reaching the desired compaction in fewer passes, enhances productivity and maximises the service life of the machine.

Case E Series rollers are obtainable in the cab and open ROPS configurations. The adjustable seat swivels up to 80 degrees, rendering visibility to the drum surface and flexibility for compaction in both forward and reverse. The axle-free design additionally enables the engine to sit lower in the machine, which further enhances visibility to the rear across the low, sloped hood.