Comprehensive Range of Batching Plants
With an extensive range of batching plants, Ajax Fiori is well-geared to address the specific requirements of infrastructure, RMC and precast industries.

"Ajax Fiori is always striving to bring to the market innovative modern technology, superior quality, versatile, highly maneuverable, yet simple and cost-effective solutions through its world-class construction equipment, to cater particularly to the concreting sector," says Debasis Bhattacharya, Head ? Sales & Marketing, Ajax Fiori. While it has strongly established self-loading mobile concrete mixers in the market, Ajax Fiori is now emerging as the leading player in concrete batching plants, thanks to its comprehensive range of batching plants, which is setting the benchmark for the way in which major infrastructure projects are being executed today.

Unique range

? Radius lift arm batching plants with reversible drum mixers ? capacities of 20 cu m/hr and 30 cu m/hr.
? Compact batching plants (dragline type and compartment bin type) with pla?ne?tary mixer ? capacity of 30 cu m/hr.
? Inline bin type batching plants with planetary mixers/twin shaft mixers ? ca?p?a?cities of 30 cu m/hr to 180 cu m/hr.

The Radius lift arm batching plants incorporate the unique swinging radius lift arm technology, hitherto not seen in the Indian market. The key adva?nt?ages of these plants compared to other conventional batching plants are:

? Self-loading of aggregates and sand with minimum wastage thanks to the two radius lift arms, swinging almost 180o.
? Eliminates the need for bins/partitions like traditional systems as the radius lift arms pick up material from the ground.
? Larger active larger stock piles of aggre?gates compared to bin or scraper type plants, thereby eliminating the need for a dedicated loader.
? Compact layout ensures minimum space requirement.
? Low energy consumption of less than one unit per cubic metre of concrete produced, less than half of the energy consumed by the traditional plants of similar capacities.
? Minimal concrete foundation required for erection.
? Modular design of the plant ensures ease in transportation and a fast dismantling and set-up time.

The USP of compact batching plants (Dragline scraper type and compartment bin type) are that they are supplied standard with planetary mixers and customised PLC-based control system. More so, these planetary mixers are manufactured in-house under strict quality control proce?dures, in technical collaboration with Eurostar, Italy. The world over, planetary mixers have replaced the turbo mixers for most applications, owing to its capability of producing high quality concrete of different types.

Speaking about the key benefits of planetary mixers over conventional turbo mixers, Bhattacharya says, ?The planetary mixer mixing tools rotate in a synchronised manner and are able to turn the material distributing all of the material uniformly in the pan without favouring the different nature of the materials creating a homo?geneous mix; each revolution changes the flow pattern. The intensity of the mixing action, appropriate speeds combined with design of the mixing tools provide a complete homogenisation and an efficient flow pattern.?

He explains further, ?The pan of the planetary mixer is completely empty, thus allowing the material to cover the com?plete area in a minimum time. Plane?tary mixers have a single type of mixing tool with a geometry that together with a combination of movements distri?butes evenly the material.?

The inline bin type batching plants are available with options of planetary mixers and twin shaft mixers, with capacities ranging from 30 cu m/hr to 180 cu m/hr. These plants are customised based on actual project/site requirements and are backed up by strong engineering, manuf?acturing and product support back-up of Ajax Fiori.