Concrete Equipment | Wilfried Theissen, MD, Putzmeister
As the pioneer of research and development in concrete pumping technology, Putzmeister offers the latest and most comprehensive range of concreting solutions. Putzmeister has achieved landmarks in both the vertical and horizontal pumping of concrete.  
This German giant is on a mission to change the construction scenario in India by making the construction sites more automated and mechanised thus facilitating huge savings in time and costs. The company has made its entire range of internationally acclaimed equipments and machineries available in the Indian market through its factory based at Goa. Putzmeister has operations running all across India and its machines are being used in most massive infrastructure development projects in the country such as construction of refineries in Gujarat, airports construction at Delhi and Bengaluru, hydroelectric power plants, thermal power stations, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, and various other projects have benefited by the use of Putzmeister's latest concrete equipments. As a result, the company has received an overwhelming response from all projects across the country thus motivating it to further expand its activities in India. 

Speaking about the tremendous growth opportunity, Wilfried Theissen, Managing Director, Putzmeister Concrete Machines, had this to say, "Complimenting the economic growth of the country, India's infrastructure and real estate market is expanding significantly day by day. A mere ten per cent of these construction activities in India are done by machines. Traditional manual construction methods involves substantial amount of time, cost and hazards. So there prevails huge growth opportunities for our latest machines in India." Wilfried adds, "India is an important market for Putzmeister as demand for modern construction equipments will be very high in India in times to come. We look forward to aggressively increasing our operations across the country and contributing to the modernisation of the real estate and infrastructure segment. We are also looking at increasing investments in the country and thereby creating numerous job opportunities." 

Speaking about the current slump in the market, Wilfried says, "Right now, the market is not an encouraging one. But in 2013, we expect the market to get better. We hope that the government will also take some steps to encourage the construction sector. We are expecting launch of many new projects in 2013." He further adds, "We had been witnessing an overall increase in our inputs costs but we have not passed on this cost to our customers, we are absorbing it ourselves." 

As the pioneer of research and development in concrete pumping technology, Putzmeister offers the latest and most comprehensive range of concreting solutions. Putzmeister has achieved landmarks in both the vertical and horizontal pumping of concrete with examples like high-rise concrete pumping at the Burj Dubai Tower and long-distance pumping till 2015 m at the Le Refrain construction project in France.

"Our core competencies are our products, quality and service," says Wilfried. Putzmeister has its state-of-the-art manufacturing plant at Goa, and a countrywide sales and service network with regional and local offices all over India. In addition to its technologically advanced products, Putzmeister offers its customers competent advice and individually designed concepts. It also imparts training on all aspects of concreting technology to its customers and spread awareness about the advantages of mechanisation and automation of construction technology in India. 

Speaking about bC India 2013, Wilfried says, "We will display our range of concrete machines at bC India. We hope to increase our business at this Expo. It provides us with a good opportunity to showcase our range of equipments to customers. Customers also benefit by becoming aware of the latest technology available in the market."

Putzmeister makes the most technologically advanced machines which includes the world's largest working concrete machine, the M 70. It also makes one of India's largest concrete machine, the M 46. Recently, Putzmeister launched the small concrete machine BSA 702D.   
From its Goa factory, the company not only caters to the domestic market but also exports to Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and other neighbouring countries. 

Wilfried sums it all up on a positive note. "India is developing fast and Putzmeister wants to contribute to the development of India's real estate and infrastructure by supplying its latest technology.  It gives me immense pleasure to be able to make our contributions to the progressive and dynamic economy of India. We believe that it is yet another step in the direction of bringing latest world class technology to India and contributing in India's growth story." 

Putzmeister machines were used for constructing the world's tallest building, the Burj Dubai. Putzmeister pumped concrete as high as 606 m vertically for the construction of the Burj Khalifa, also in Dubai. 

Putzmeister's machines were used in rescue operations at the site of the tsunami and earthquake affected Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan; it is one of the very few expert machinery manufacturing companies in the world to handle such operations. Putzmeister machines were transported from Germany to Japan by special aircraft.With a view to avoid the effects of nuclear radiation, Putzmeister pumped concrete and water to fill the damaged nuclear reactors from a distance of many kilometers by radio control. The company also facilitated the rescue operations during the Chernobyl nuclear disaster which occurred many years ago in Russia, in 1986.