Hydraulic &Electrical Systems
Pumps: Two variable displacement piston pumps with a totol performance of maximum 585 Vmin. Hyster two-speed system with regenerative function results in high lift speeds.

Leak free ORFS (O-ring) type fittings ore used throughout the whole machine.Filtration: Full-flow return line filter with 10 micron cartridge on the main system, plus in-line pressure filter with 20 micron on power assist and support systems.Large oil cooler for the hydraulic system, suitable for working in ambient temperatures of up to 50?C.

Hydraulic oil tank: 600 litre useable volume, with level and temperature gauge and magnetic drain plugs.
Emergency lowering device, to lower the spreader when the engine is not running. Centralised pressurecheck points with a digital pressure indicator on brake system accumulator.

24 Volt system, 70 A alternator, battery master switch. CANbus diagnostic connection in the cab for engine, transmission, instruments, and load moment protection system.