Innovations in CE
Dheeraj Panda and Sanjay Saxena provide an overview on the new technology innovations in the CE industry.
The construction equipment (CE) manufacturers are closely monitoring the needs of the customer and industry, and are investing considerable amount in R&D to bring innovation in technology, products and services. These innovations help in the growth of the industry by providing customers cost and fuel efficiency and better service. Mentioned below are few innovations that have been recently seen in the industry

Intelligent service panels
These panels allow operators to diagnose and rectify errors quickly. If there is an issue with a crane or excavator, it detects its condition automatically and communicates it to the operator via the service panel, so that immediate action can be taken and there is no delay. This helps the equipment to be up and running without having to spend a lot of time in examining and rectifying faults.

Remote monitoring
Equipment often work under stressful conditions and in locations which are far from service centres. Remote monitoring services offer tools to quickly identify issues and remotely manage and control equipment. A computer or a person can analyse the situation and take action immediately. Remote monitoring equipment can also help to detect load weight and positioning of an equipment from any location at any given point of time.

GPS device installation
Installing GPS devices helps in geo-fencing of the machines at any point of time. It also helps track fuel consumption and operation remotely. GPS systems helps setting up alarms in mobile phones of operators or owners which can alert them in case machine develops any faults. Modern GPS systems are easy to install.

Modular & optimised design for fuel efficiency
Companies are now investing in advanced engineering to increase fuel efficiency of equipment. Designs of various parts of the equipment like hydraulic pumps and control valves etc are being optimised to reduce fuel consumption. This not only helps the customer to reduce cost in the long run but is also more environment-friendly.

Improved and accurate safety systems
Safety is one of the priorities both at manufacturing sites and also where equipment are being used. Advanced safety measures and processes are being designed to ensure the safety of people. Load management systems and specialised accessories have been designed to ensure safety. Accessories Keeping in mind the working conditions and locations of machines, today?s machines are fitted with different attachments like long boom and arm, breakers, clamshell and other demolition and cutter attachments to suit different application needs like well digging, sand mining, tree uprooting, demolition of upper storeys in a high rise building etc.

Control mechanism
Innovations are also seen in control mechanism of engines and hydraulic pumps for optimal power utilisation and fuel savings.

innovations help in the growth of the industry by providing customers cost and fuel efficiency and better service.

Sanjay Saxena is BU Head and VP of Heavy Equipment Division, and Dheeraj Panda is BU Head and VP of Excavator, Sany India.