Komatsu completes acquisition of GHH
Komatsu, a global leader in construction and mining equipment, has successfully finalized its acquisition of GHH Group GmbH (GHH), a prominent manufacturer headquartered in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. GHH specializes in underground mining, tunnelling, and specialized civil engineering equipment. 

With a strategic focus on expanding its brand presence and enhancing offerings for hard rock mining, Komatsu views the acquisition as a pivotal opportunity to cater to customer demands across key markets.

GHH’s extensive portfolio, renowned for its loaders (LHDs) and articulated dump trucks, aligns seamlessly with Komatsu’s objective to broaden its underground mining product line. This integration includes comprehensive aftermarket parts and service support throughout the lifespan of the equipment, ensuring sustained customer satisfaction.

By leveraging GHH’s established manufacturing facilities and rebuild centers across Europe, Southern Africa, India, and Chile, Komatsu aims to enhance production capacities and elevate service capabilities to better serve its clientele. The acquisition also marks a union of talent, as Komatsu welcomes GHH’s skilled workforce into its global family.