MOBA's new automation systems
MOBA is launching two of its latest automation systems: the cost-effective MDM-100 system for drilling machines and the upgraded MOBA compaction assistant system MCA-2000 with an advanced touch-screen colour graphic display.

This year, MOBA is launching two of its latest automation systems. The cost-effective MDM-100 system for drilling machines which is derived from the high end MDS-2000 system considering the Indian mines industry, and the upgraded MOBA compaction assistant system MCA-2000 with an advanced touch-screen colour graphic display. The machine control system for excavators in addition to the pre-viously launched GS-506 motor grader levelling system for earthmoving and the renowned Big Sonic-Ski? for sensor pavers, are still top on the list. Together with the MOBA-matic controller, the Big Sonic-Ski?, that eliminates the painstaking string line method, is the most flexible levelling system for sensor pavers. Also on display will be the new HMI concept for the OEMs who wish to upgrade their operating panels with customised membrane key panels. Last but not the least, the onboard dynamic weighing system for wheel loaders and tipper trucks, have already started with their debut performance and gained appreciation from users and OEMs. These systems will be on display at bC India 2013, Mumbai from the 5-8 February at Stall Q11 in Hall 2.

F-1 Race track: Imagine what makes an F-1 race car run smoother even at a thrilling speed of 380 km/hr. It's not just the car but also a very smooth road to maintain stability. The country's first-ever F1-race track debuted at Buddh International Circuit, Greater Noida in New Delhi, in addition to the former race tracks in Abu Dhabi and Iowa. These tracks are built with the latest German technology by MOBA Big Sonic-Ski? that has made it possible to achieve such an excellent riding quality. The participants have already appreciated these tracks.

This technology eliminates the use of string line while laying the BC layers where smoothening of the road is taken care over road waves, which make the top surface super fine. The innovative measuring method with five ultrasonic sensors and its reliability make the Sonic-Ski, together with the MOBA-matic controller, a state-of-the-art system for levelling control. With the MOBA Big Sonic-Ski? non-contact averaging system, made using three such Sonic-Ski? over a length of 13 m the paver produces the smoothest road surface by averaging out irregularities over long distance and thus improves the mat quality even when the reference is less than perfect. Resurfacing of the roads could not be this easy, even with ongoing traffic as the Big Sonic-Ski requires no string line. In fact, majority of paver manufacturers have already started offering the Big Sonic-Ski? system on their new machines.

MCA-2000 - compaction assistant system

This system is upgraded with the new touch-screen colour graphic display. This makes an operator-friendly interface to understand the coverage of the roller movement. In addition to this, the system is also incorporated with a temperature sensor which continuously displays the current temperature of the asphalt surface so that the operator can approach and cover the layers with a cooler surface first and hotter surface later. This ultimately helps achieving the desired level of compaction which in turn is responsible for the long life of the roads. All the work done during the day is stored in the internal memory and can be extracted using an USB stick as and when required for keeping the track of work done. The same data can also be shared over a remote server using GRPS and GPS data telemetry.

MOBA MDS-2000 for d/pile rigs

It translates into more efficiency by increasing working speed, reducing cost and improving quality. The MDS-2000 system for drilling machines is developed to meet the growing demands of the construction and mining industry. It is best characterised by its control accuracy, modular architecture, and its new HMI with graphic interface. It provides the highest level of precision and allows for more effective and efficient drilling. This means the same work can be completed much faster and more precisely.

Key features:

  • Precision of depth and angle of mast inclination;
  • Stores each drill hole data for transparent billing;
  • Drilling can be stopped automatically;
  • Engine and work data logging extracted in USB pen drive;
  • Operator friendly and robust HMI for harsh environment;
  • GSM and GPS based data telemetry.
  • Machine control system for excavators

There is an increased awareness of using automation systems on excavators which not only assists the operator but also increases the overall efficiency of the job, thus saving fuel and meeting tight deadlines. The use of slope sensors and trigonometry helps determine the absolute position of the excavator arm, boom and bucket. Critical job sites can be well handled without damaging the machine. 2D graphic interface helps the operator understand the position of the bucket on the ground better. Special jobs like dredging, slope cutting and blind excavation can be accurately achieved with ease.

Key features:

  • Absolute bucket position/movement on in-cabin touch-screen HMI;
  • Helps prevent under/over excavation;
  • Extremely necessary in job sites where bucket is not visible;
  • 3D terrain maps with GPS connectivity;
  • Upgradable to full 3D with dual GNSS and machine location.