Making more for vishal earthmovers
Vishal Earthmovers has 20 excavators, out of which four are Cat? 320D, deployed at various project sites.

Mumbai, India's commercial capital, is fast living up to its stature with the boom in infrastructure projects. A key player, Vishal Civil Eng, is indeed making headway in the field of earth cutting, rock cutting, earth filling and also as a specialist in control blasting, after having bagged projects with major players like Reliance Infrastructure, Ispat, Hindustan Petroleum, Simplex Infrastructure, Essar, DLF, GVK, Tata, HCC, Jet Airways, L&T, K Raheja Corp and many others.

Developed from scratch by BD Singh, Director, Vishal Earthmovers India, the 19 year old company, is today one of the front-runners in the field. Mumbai has a rocky terrain. The control blasting technique of rock cutting, which is cheaper and faster than any other method of rock excavation, was developed by Singh who has also authored the 'Textbook on Explosive Engineering'.

Currently, about 1,000 staff and workers are employed in various projects. Twenty excavators, out of which four are Cat? 320D, deployed at various project sites.

"According to me, the Cat 320D is the best among all machines. It handles double the load that can be handled by other machines," says Singh. "For instance, if two competitor machines are deployed for a specific task, a single 320D can easily handle the same load. This is possible due to the excellent digging force of the 320D. Due to this factor, it is possible to excavate soft rock directly using the bucket. This is an excellent cost-saving measure."

"I saw the equipment in use in Navi Mumbai for the first time. I was impressed and went in for four second-hand Cat 320D excavators. Comparatively speaking, we found that while other excavators loaded 50 truckloads, the Cat 320D loaded 150 trucks in the same time. This not only saves on fuel, but also saves on time manifold."

"Another important feature which influenced my decision was that the number of hose-pipes in the Cat 320D is lesser than those in other machines. This is because they have more strength and perform better. This feature prevents break-down due to application of high pressure during operations."

"The track quality of the 320D is also excellent and shows less wear and tear as compared to other machines," adds Singh. "Operators are happy as the state-of-the-art cabin provides maximum comfort and with reduced noise levels, operators can put in longer hours of work. Enhanced visibility and dexterity of motion ensure excellent work output and better standards of safety.

Singh has his economics right when he says, "Soft rock excavation earns more revenue than soil excavation. Therefore, bucket excavation of soft rocks by the Cat 320D excavators provides more productivity and income. This outweighs the low fuel efficiency factor and actually makes it economical to deploy the Cat 320D excavators."

"Other excavators provide good service for 2-3 years. After that, there are recurring problems, which lead to machine breakdown. Downtime leads to delays and affects the business adversely. This is the main reason why I am planning to sell other machines and buy Cat 320D Excavators which have good machine uptime and can be maintained easily," says Singh.

Caterpillar spares no efforts in meeting with customer requirements. While providing technical solutions is their strong point, going that extra mile to meet customer requirements has become a tradition. Singh reminisces, "When I set up my business from scratch, I had to use my resources carefully. I went in for four used 320D excavators. I was extremely satisfied with their performance and robustness as compared to other machines. I wished to sell the old 320D excavators after having used them for six years and buy four brand new 320D excavators. GMMCO came forward and solved my problem by buying back the old Cat 320D machines. I think Caterpillar is the only company which buys back its old equipment from customers after 6-8 years! This is an excellent service provided by Caterpillar." A brand is only as good as its products and services. The high reliability and productivity of Cat machines and the excellent customer care provided by the local dealers go a long way in forging strong bonds with customers.

"Our company is going in for expansion and we look forward to buying four more Cat 320D excavators in the near future," concludes Singh.