Putzmeister in India

The world's largest concrete placement machines manufacturer prepares to meet the technology and equipment needs of India.

With a view to facilitating the development of world-class infrastructure in India, Putzmeister, the world's numero uno manufacturer of concrete placing equipment from Germany, better known as 'Plaster Master' worldwide, now makes its entire range of internationally acclaimed equipment and machinery, available in the country. Equipment that is essential for the construction of high-rise buildings, power plants, ports, refineries, metro rails and other largescale construction projects will now be available here. Inspired by an urge to become the next-generation construction need of India, Putzmeister revealed its plans during a press conference at Hotel Lalit, New Delhi.

In India, the ?540-million German giant is on a mission to change the construction sector for the better by making the sites of high-rises more automated, thus less time and cost- consuming, and decreasing the risk of fatal accidents connected with manual construction techniques. Explaining the plan, the company's Managing Director, Michael Schmid-Lindenmayer says, "Complimenting the economic growth of the country, India's infrastructure and real estate market is expanding significantly. Merely 10 per cent of the infrastructure development activities in India have so far been automated, which involves a substantial amount of time, cost and hazards. So, there are huge growth opportunities in the country. We have our operations running all across India and our machines are being used in most massive infrastructure development projects in the country such as construction of oil refineries in Gujarat, airport construction at Delhi and Bengaluru, hydro-electric power plants, DMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation) and various other projects which have benefitted by the use of our concrete pumping equipment. We have been receiving encouraging response for all these projects, motivating us to invest further in expansion activities in the country."

Schmid-Lindenmayer further says, "Putzmeister has a history of making its presence felt as soon as its entry into a country, the recent instance of which can be seen at the ongoing rescue operations at the tsunami and earthquake-affected Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan. Even 25 years back, when the Chernobyl nuclear disaster occurred, our machines were deployed to control the nuclear disaster. We are moving ahead with the same spirit in India as well. The company looks forward to aggressively increasing its operations in the country. Further, we not only intend to contribute to the modernisation of the construction and infrastructure segment but also essentially look forward to bringing advantages to the entire economy of the country by making further investments and creating numerous job opportunities."

India is not just another market for Putzmeister but the start of another legendary chapter for the company. Putzmeister India is one of the 14 fully- owned subsidiaries of Putzmeister worldwide, which already employs over 2,800 employees worldwide. Both the largest concrete pumping machines in the world and in India, named M70 and M46 respectively, belong to Putzmeister.

Explaining the developments Schmid-Lindenmayer says, "It gives me immense pleasure to be able to make our contributions to the progressive and dynamic economy of India. We believe that it is yet another step in the direction of bettering Indo-German relations, which have always been cordial, in all spheres, whether that be India's culture, language, ideologies or practices; there is more than one thing that encourages mutual admiration and Putzmeister's expansion is in keeping with that sentiment."

The company has a legacy of accomplishing numerous prestigious construction and infrastructure projects worldwide since start of its operations by Karl Schlecht in Germany 53 years ago. The company has made many a Herculean task very easy, thanks to the precision and attention to detail, virtually the benchmark that German engineering has carved for itself, the world over.

Putzmeister Concrete Machines is a hundred-per cent subsidiary of Putzmeister GmbH, Germany, an acknowledged world leader and global supplier of concrete pumps, tunnelling machines, industrial pumps and mortar machines. With a notable worth of ?540 million, Putzmeister has its operations in all major countries in the world and has set up its own manufacturing facilities in 14 countries across the globe, including India.

As the pioneer of research and development in concrete pumping technology, Putzmeister offers the latest and most comprehensive range of concrete pumping solutions. Putzmeister holds the world record in both, vertical and horizontal pumping of concrete (high-rise concrete pumping at the Burj Dubai Tower and long- distance pumping till 2,015 m at the Le Refrain construction project in France).

Putzmeister pumps have been deployed at various prestigious projects and are the first choice of real estate and infrastructure companies all across India. Putzmeister machines are working for the construction of various prestigious projects like the Delhi Metro, expansion and modernisation of international airports at Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Bengaluru, construction of thermal power plants, hydro-electric projects, LNG tanks, refineries, ports, roads and bridges, and various high-rise building projects.

"Putzmeister India owns a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant at Goa spread over 100,000 sq m. The core competencies of Putzmeister lie in its products, quality and service. Putzmeister concrete pumps are the most competitive as far as technology and value for money are concerned," says Schmid-Lindenmayer. Putzmeister has a countrywide sales and service network with regional offices all over India. In addition to its technologically advanced products, Putzmeister offers its customers competent advice and individually designed concepts.


? Putzmeister's equipment were trusted for rescue operations undergoing at the site of tsunami and earthquake- affected Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan as it is the only expert machinery manufacturing company in the world to handle such operations. With a view to avoiding the ill-effects of nuclear radiations, Putzmeister is pumping the concrete and filling the damaged nuclear reactors from a distance of 4 km. The company has proven expertise for such operations as it had also facilitated the rescue operations during the Chernobyl nuclear disaster that occurred in Russia 25 years ago, in 1986.
? Putzmeister achieved world acclaim when it pumped concrete, as high as 606 m vertically for the construction of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. The construction of this amazing building could not have been possible without Putzmeister's assistance.
? Putzmeister was involved in the creatively inspired design of China's hosting of the Olympic Games' stadium, called The Sparrow's Nest, right from 2008.
? The credit of developing the world's largest concrete placing machine, the M70, also goes to Putzmeister. The giant machine can pump concrete to a height up to 70 m.
? The under-construction world's largest refinery project at Gujarat is being assisted by the company.
? In Sikkim, Putzmeister is achieving another milestone by providing construction support to an under-construction hydro power plant. The power plant would be unique and one of its kind in the world, when completed. The construction of this project requires concreting techniques which are very challenging. Hence, its construction would not be possible without Putzmeister's equipment.
? The Delhi Metro would not have been such a successful project had there not been the technologically advanced Putzmeister equipment at hand.
? Putzmeister is also providing its expertise in expansion and modernisation of international airports at Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Bengaluru.
? The company is also providing its assistance for the construction of various other thermal power plants, hydro-electric projects, LNG tanks, refineries, ports, roads and bridges, and high-rise building projects in the country. Mumbai's skyscrapers are being erected with the help of Putzmeister's modern concrete machines.