Rammer is Back
Sandvik re-introduces Rammer branded products in India as a unique part of new multi-brand strategy.

Rammer, the brand synonymous with hydraulic hammers and attachments, is set to make a welcome return as Sandvik Construction announces a multi-brand strategy. The Rammer brand was withdrawn in 2007, when the entire Breakers Lahti product line came under the Sandvik Mining and Construction umbrella. As a key part of the Sandvik brand, the Breakers Lahti facility has remained at the forefront of hydraulic breaker innovation, directly benefitting from Sandvik?s experience and know-how.

In recent years, the entire Sandvik breaker product range has been updated with all developments benefitting from customer need-based designs and solutions aimed at maximising the uptime of the unit. Now however, the famous Rammer name is set to be reintroduced by Sandvik in a move that is a unique part of Sandvik?s new multi-brand strategy.

Despite the undoubted benefits of being part of the Sandvik brand, the reintroduction of Rammer branded products has been based on customer demand. ?For more than 30 years, Rammer enjoyed a level of brand loyalty that is virtually unique in the field of construction equipment. And that popularity has never decreased,? says Ola Ulmala, Vice President of Breaker Product Area, at the Rammer relaunch event in Mumbai. He further adds, ?Our hydraulic hammer and attachment customers in the construction, demolition and quarrying sectors let us know that they would welcome the return of the Rammer brand, and, as a customer-focused company, it is our duty to give those customers what they want.?

Ola Ulmala continues explaining the rationale behind the relaunch, ?Through the reintroduction of Sandvik-owned Rammer branded products, Sandvik will be able to serve a wider customer base through the use of differing breaker focused distribution channels. Thus, the relaunch of Rammer branded products presents Sandvik with tremendous opportunities.? He then says, ?The new construction business area that became effective as of 1 January 2012, presents the opportunity to utilise a multi-brand strategy where customer demand requires it. Hence, the return of the Rammer brand and Rammer branded products.?

The return of Rammer branded products will definitely be welcomed by equipment owners and operators across the globe, as over the years the Rammer brand set the benchmark for many of the key innovations, many bearing the company name that helped shape the hydraulic hammer business of today. These developments include:

? RAMDATA ? The on-board service indicator which provides on-field information to the user, as well as stored data for use by the owner and dealer to ensure optimised use of the unit.
? RAMLUBE ? Automatic lubrication system designed to ensure a long, trouble-free life developed specifically for hydraulic hammers.
? RAMONA ? Remote Monitoring Analyser that utilises advanced electronics within the hammer hydraulic system in order to deliver up-to-the-minute condition and performance data to the operator, thereby identifying abnormalities in operating conditions and pre-empting potential catastrophic failures before they occur.

Following the rebranding, Rammer-branded hammers and attachments will be available through existing sales and distribution channels. This will apply mainly to customers in the construction, demolition and quarrying sectors; mainly through existing distribution channels. For customers within the mining or large quarrying sectors, or requiring breakers as part of a Sandvik turnkey package, fully supported existing Sandvik branded solutions and arrangements will remain mainly served through direct channels.