Redefining Concrete Pumping

Aimed at the high-rise construction market in India, Schwing Stetter has launched SP 2880 and SP 8800 that can pump concrete vertically up to a height of 250 m and 500 m, respectively.

Schwing Stetter (India), a leading player in the Indian ready-mix concrete equipment industry, has launched two new concrete pumps, the SP 8800 and SP 2880, for the Indian market. The SP 8800 will redefine concrete pumping in terms of pumping output, operating convenience and economic efficiency. Driven by a powerful Deutz diesel engine and combined with DN 180 and DN 200 pumping cylinders, the customers will have the choice of selecting the specific pump that meets the requirements of a specific project. The open-circuit hydrostatic drives with soft-push controls are characterised by exceptionally soft pushing of the concrete column into the delivery line and gentle switch-over with no pressure peaks. This akes for smooth running and high service lives. Large upward folding side doors permit effortless, direct access for servicing and maintenance purposes.

The hydrostatic drive features rugged, sturdy axial-piston pumps with power regulator and additional output adjustment. All operating and control devices are centrally located, readily visible and easily accessible. The heart of the concrete pump is the rock-valve, designed for maximum concrete pressure of up to 250 bar, which offers exemplary pumping characteristics, wearing properties and operational safety.

The SP 2880 is a stationary concrete pump that is based on the forward-looking design of the modern plastic casting with significant weight savings, leading to substantially lower fuel consumption during transport. The energy-consuming changeover block for the changeover has been shifted from the piston to the rod side and the hydraulic hoses can be detached and reconnected easily. This ensures that there is no oil dripping and no waste of fuel due to changeover block heating. The SP 2880 is also equipped with a noise abatement system, making it more environment-friendly.

The pump has impressive controls with display, which provides all current operating data like engine speed, hydraulic pressure and stroke. The control system can be enhanced with a Bluetooth remote control. The modular structure, including a vertically adjustable hitch, permits use of two different axles ? a construction site axle and an optional road axle for towing speeds of up to 80 km/h.

On the occasion of the product launch, Anand Sundaresan, Managing Director, Schwing Stetter (India), said, ?We are extremely happy to unveil our two new concrete pumps, SP 8800 and SP 2880. These products are specifically designed for high-rise construction projects, where high capacities are required for rapid placement of large quantities of concrete, extreme pumping heights and/or distances and difficult concrete mixes. The pumps are ideal for use in the construction of various civil engineering projects, including high-rise buildings, power plants and tunnels.?

Sundaresan further added, ?We have been seeing increased activity in high-rise constructions, especially in Mumbai, which is the high-rise capital in India. With the kind of development that the city is witnessing, we are sure that one will see a further increase, not only in the number of high-rise constructions here, but also in terms of the height of the projects. And this is where our new concrete pumps will make the difference. We believe that, going forward, there will be a strong demand for these products, especially in a market like Mumbai.?

VG Sakthikumar, Chief Operating Officer, Schwing Stetter (India), said, ?We are extremely happy to launch our concrete pumps at the prestigious bC India International Trade Fair. Our ability to clearly understand what our customers need and to launch products that meet these requirements has always set us apart. Our objective of unveiling the new products at the bC India fair is dual in nature: on one hand, it gives us the opportunity to meet with our clients, on the other, it also gives us the platform to leverage on the demand for such high-capacity equipment in Mumbai, which is seeing a consistent growth in terms of high-rise constructions. With their ability to pump concrete up to heights of 250 m and 500 m respectively, we are sure that the SP 2880 and the SP 8800 will meet the requirements of our customers here.?

John Keenan, Head of Sales Asia-Pacific, Schwing GmbH Germany, said, ?Schwing is known today as a total concrete equipment solution provider and in our endeavour to help our customers to overcome all concrete handling challenges, we felt a strong need to enhance our product-line. Thus, our latest offerings, the BP 8800 and BP 2880 concrete pumps, feature a combination of advanced technology, economy, flexi-bility, and quality exclusively for high-rise constructions. We are hopeful of providing our customers with solutions which are both practical and cost-effective.?

In August 2009, Schwing Stetter was recognised internationally for the world record set by the company in pumping concrete vertically up to a record height to 715 m for the Parbati Hydro-Electric Project in Suind village, Himachal Pradesh. The project was implemented by the National Hydro-Power Corporation. Schwing Stetter supplied BP 4000 super concrete pumps to Gammon India, which executed the project for pumping concrete from the bottom of the tunnel to the top of the tunnel, which had a total length of 1,500 m and an inclination of 30?.

Besides the new concrete pumps, Stetter also unveiled a high-pressure water cleaning system at the bC India 2011 fair. With the launch of the two new concrete pumps, Schwing Stetter offers the entire range of concrete pumps, including the BP 350, the BP 1800, the SP 1400 and the LP 1400.