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It is a matter of pride that India has achieved an impressive speed of more than 50 km a day in highways and over a 100 km a in rural roads. The thrust continues to build more speed.

Regular stream of new contract awards, initiatives to quickly resolve contractor issues, allocation of funds, making innovative working models of PPP participation and attracting foreign countries to invest in major road projects has given a huge impetus to the developments in this sector and in turn, the growth of the related equipment industry.

Further, the country?s thrust on developing roads in the North-East and far flung rural areas of the country entails a new breed of small asphalt pavers to enter the road construction sector. These pavers will be required to address the challenges of flexible operational width and diverse (sometimes extreme) climatic conditions, easy transportability, steep gradients in hilly terrains without compromising on optimum performance characteristics. Innovative technologies and engineering are expected to play a major role in such pavers. Read more in our Cover Story on Sensor Pavers. All categories of industrial cranes are the backbone of infrastructure, manufacturing and numerous applications in practically every sector of an economy like India. In fact this crane category caters from the smallest to the largest of the requirements of lifting and reaching loads of various shapes and sizes, from one point to the other. This lucrative industry category has suppliers in both organised and unorganised sectors climbing over each other to satisfy customers, in many ways, is the crux of our Focus.

In addition, Equipment India presents a Feature on multi-utility equipment like telehandler, skid steer or mini excavator, which is one of the fastest upcoming construction equipment categoryies in the country.

Sophisticated, technically sound and robust geared drives are on a growth path in the country. Increased acceptance and dependence by the CE and construction communities is fuelling the said growth and transforming this industry into being recognised as a significant contributor. Therefore, we have brought a Special Focus on the same.

Technology is indisputably inspiration for the industry to change in the way things are being done today and in turn effecting lives. Volvo has truly recognised to develop new concepts for equipment in terms of electro mobility, autonomous operation to make a workplace safe without compromising on productivity and improving site efficiency. They have unveiled the prototypes of new concepts during an Xploration Forum organised for worldwide media at Eskilstuna, Sweden. Read our special report on this interesting event.

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