SEM's affordable RANGE
Caterpillar is introducing SEM range of earthmoving equipment in India that are productive and affordable.

With the increased government spend on infrastructure products, more and more new players are entering the market and taking up small contracts. These customers are on the lookout for ready-to-run products at an affordable price. Their expectations on the product life cycle, product support, and technology solutions are different, compared to the traditional (life cycle value and life cycle performance) customers. Understanding this customer segment, Caterpillar is launching a series of earthmoving products under SEM brand. To start with, Caterpillar has launched SEM919 motor grader, SEM816 and SEM822 track type tractor and SEM656D wheel loader this year after ARAI approval.

'SEM offers best-in-class products for utility segment, where the customer is looking for low cost per unit of work done. SEM products follow rigorous design and validation process of Caterpillar. As a differentiating element in the class it operates, SEM also offers basic telematics option. Globally, SEM products have been successful with the efficient network of caterpillar dealers, with the renewed focus on India and its commitment to meet customers' expectations, SEM would be a key contributor to the India's huge step on infrastructure growth plans,' says Sankar R, India Sales Manager - SEM Products.

'SEM will offer its customers the deeper portfolio of product offerings to match their application needs as we are committed to do everything possible to help our customers succeed as they enable build a new India,' adds Vivek V, Country Manager, Caterpillar India.

SEM656D is the flag ship model of SEM, which won the 'Caterpillar Chairman Quality Award' with typical improvements on fuel economy, productivity and comfort. It is powered with Weichai Stage-III engine with electric fan as standard. With high fill factor of its bucket, 656D ensures more productivity for lesser fuel burnt. In-house made powershift countershaft transmission and best-in-class heavy-duty axle provides more reliable and sturdy product suiting various rugged operations.

Equipped with quick coupler attachments for various work-tools like pallet forks, log gripper, hay fork etc, it is a 190 hp net power Bharat Stage III motor grader with 12 ft blade as standard. It has load sensing hydraulics with Caterpillar patented valve, provides more comfort for the operator and reduces fuel consumption. Rigid box structure and in-house made tandem axle ensures longer life and ease of maintenance. It has various fuel saving components like hydraulic fan, priority valves and axial piston pump. Efficiently positioned control levers enable the operator to modulate the implements with less effort and be more productive. Its 'A' type frame designed draw bar provides more strength and 7-hole link bar provides best-in-class blade positioning.

SEM816 is first-of-its kind
dozer in the utility segment equipped with hydrostatic transmission and components from world-class supplier. It is powered by 160 hp Weichai engine. Maintenance-free undercarriage components reduce periodic maintenance cost. Oil-cooled wet disc brakes enhance the serviceability of the machine. All the movements of the machines are controlled by a multi-functional joystick with speed recall option, which enhances the productivity of the machine. Semi-universal blade is suitable for slot dozing, land clearing and stock piling application.

SEM656D replaces 650B which has been sold over 40,000 units across the globe.


  • Up to 17 per cent better fuel consumption compared to previous generation
  • Up to 110 per cent more productivity with Performance series bucket
  • Modern and comfortable new generation cab
  • High ambient cooling package (up to 50 deg) as standard


  • Operating weight - 17,100 kg .Rated power - 217 hp
  • Engine - Weichai Stage III - Rated load - 5,000 kg
  • Standard bucket size . 3 cu m, coal bucket - 4.5 cu m

Salient features

  • Low-speed engine with E-fan for engine cooling, 5-10 per cent fuel saving
  • Best-in-class Caterpillar manufactured SEMTR200 countershaft transmission designed for durability
  • In-house manufactured SEMSO32 Axles, designed for heavy-duty applications
  • Single load sensing hydraulics with variable displacement piston pump for steering, provides fuel saving of 5-8 per cent
  • Caterpillar-patented modular cooling system provides individual cooling for engine, hydraulics and transmission
  • Pressurised AC cabin with improved visibility and operator comfort
  • Range of options to choose including quick couplers, side dump bucket, log gripper, pallet forks and Product Link

SEM would be a key contributor to India's huge step on infrastructure growth plans.'
- Sankar R, India Sales Manager - SEM Products.


The BS-III ARAI compliant SEM919 was developed and being launched in India from June 2017.


  • Caterpillar-patented PPPC
  • hydraulic system Best-in-class implements
  • Hydraulic-driven engine fan
  • Maintenance-free heavy-duty tandem axles

  • Operating weight - 15,070 kg ' Rated power - 188 hp
  • Engine - Shanchai Stage III ' Mold board - 12' blade

Salient features
  • Low speed engine with hydraulic fan mounted at the rear, ensuring better heat exchange and isolating operator cabin from the heat
  • PPPC hydraulic system provides simultaneous and efficient implement operations without increased fuel consumption
  • Load sensing piston pump ensures implements operation at even lower engine speeds, saving fuel by 5-8 per cent
  • Air-conditioned cabin with improved visibility and adjustable consoles
  • In-house manufactured maintenance-free tandem axles
  • Safety is ensured for all service access areas

  • Launched in 2011 and is being exported to more than 40 countries, SEM816 is now available in India.
  • 0-0 kmph, infinite speed
  • Electronically controlled hydraulic system
  • Hexogonal design AC cabin
  • High ambient cooling package (up to 50 deg) as standard
  • Maintenance-free undercarriage

  • Operating weight - 17,230 kg . Rated power - 160 hp (Net)
  • Engine - Weichai WD10 . Blade - 4.3 cu m semi-universal

Salient features
  • Single joystick for hydraulics; Rexroth variable piston pump and motor ensure fuel savings of 5-10 per cent
  • Infinite speed and speed recall button ensures more productivity
  • Longer life of undercarriage components is ensured with maintenance-free components sourced from Caterpillar
  • Pressurised air-conditioned cabin ensures dust-free, lesser noise operating environment for operator's comfort
  • A range of implements available for varied applications

'SEM will offer its customers the deeper portfolio of products to match their application needs, as we are committed to do everything possible to help our customers succeed.'
- Vivek V, Country Manager, Caterpillar India