Service Matters
Professional service increases value and reduces total cost.

Foundation works are usually the first working steps on any construction site. They are fundamental prerequisites for all subsequent trades. They are normally on the critical path of the project and therefore, it is essential to avoid or at least minimise downtime.

BAUER foundation machinery is designed and built to meet the customer's specific requirements and to comply with the latest state-of-the-art technology. But it is also the most competent service system which ensures the long term competitive position of the customer.

BAUER Equipment India (BEI), a subsidiary of the German BAUER Maschinen GmbH (BMA), has defined goals for ensuring an efficient service system:

  • Proximity to the customer with regional service points in Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai;
  • Well trained technicians to ensure maximum availability of equipment;
  • Offering regular inspections to contribute to a minimised failure risk and consequently to an increased plant availability;
  • Reliable and efficient supply of genuine spare parts;
  • Long term on-site service & support;
  • Professional commissioning of new equipment;
  • Offering a variety of theoretical and practical training.

The global economy demands a globally available network. When encountering difficult problems which may exceed the capacity of the local service technicians, it is possible to call for assistance from experts from Malaysia or from the German head office. BAUER has set up a strong and professional Customer Service Centre in Malaysia with a total workforce of 16 specialists. Rapid support can be given by these specialists if required.

A comprehensive Customer Service System is formed of several components. It is more than the widespread understanding of Service = Repair. Maintenance: It includes performing routine actions which keep the equipment in working order (scheduled maintenance) or prevents trouble from arising (preventive maintenance).

Preventive maintenance is maintenance performed in an attempt to avoid failures, unnecessary production loss and safety violations. It is performed before a breakdown occurs.

Repair (or corrective maintenance as defined in Wikipedia) is maintenance of equipment after breakdown. It can be very expensive because worn equipment can damage other parts, can cause multiple damage and often leads to costly downtime in production.

Spare parts service provides the customer timely with high quality spare parts. Only genuine parts are offered as they guarantee a perfect fit with the equipment components.

BEI is building up a system of holding a significant reserve of spare parts for their key equipment at strategically located points in Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai. It helps reducing unproductive time in waiting for imported spare parts and effectively takes pressure off contractors to spend money in stocking a significant spare parts inventory. "If we take over this central role, we can take some financial burden away from the customer and thus improve the total cost of ownership for the customer," said Bauer Maschinen CEO, D Stetter.

Training is understood as an important component of a comprehensive customer service system. BAUER offers a variety of training programmes, from basic to advanced. The range of service trainings is aimed at supporting the customer in optimising the equipment operations, learn to understand technical processes and carry out maintenance works through their own mechanics.

In this context, it should be mentioned that in a developing market, many customers prefer to make use of the supplier?s services because they can't afford to hire a high-grade mechanic. Bigger companies with 10-20 rigs of one brand may consider it more economical to employ their own team of mechanics. When considering an investment in high-quality equipment such as a hydraulic drill rig, it is good managerial practice to consider the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). It is a financial estimate whose purpose is to help the customer to determine direct and indirect costs of a product from cradle to grave. It provides a cost basis for determining the total economic value of an investment.

Some important elements incorporated in the cost of ownership for a foundation rig include lifetime, depreciation costs, fuel costs, financing, but also repairs, maintenance costs, downtime costs. Offering a professional service is therefore an important element for reaching competitive values for total cost of ownership.

BAUER foundation machinery is designed and built to meet the customer's specific requirements and to comply with the latest state-of-the-art technology.