We have invested 4 mn Euro for our Goa facility expansion
We will showcase at Excon, the Telebelt TBS130 used for big infrastructure projects like power dams to convey concrete which is too rough to be pumped, says Michael Schmid-Lindenmayer, Managing Director, Putzmeister Concrete Machines in an interview to Equipment India. Excerpts from the interview.

How do you look at the performance of the Indian construction equipment industry in 2011?
So far, the construction equipment industry has performed very well as predicted. In our segment - concrete pumps - the overall growth was approximately 24 per cent YoY. The third quarter was slightly below our expectation and so we have to see what the fourth quarter will bring; of course, Excon 2011 should have a positive impact.

How has your company performed in 2011?
Putzmeister is growing at a much faster pace. We assume that we will grow approximately 70 per cent this year. This is due to the still low percentage of pumped concrete in India and the fact that more and more customers understand the benefit of automation of job sides. All our products have much lower operational cost and this is what counts for the customer. I'm sure this is the reason why we grow much faster than the market.

What according to you are the major challenges facing the concrete equipment industry in India?
Most difficult to manage is the supply chain. Our high-tech equipment requires a lot of imported materials and components. To have all these components at the right time at the assembling belt is great challenge.

Tell us about your future expansion plans.
At present, we have invested 4 million Euro in the extension of our existing factory in Goa. This includes more production halls as well as logistic and production machines and equipment. Also, we invest all over the country in warehouses for spare parts and service locations.

How big is the boom pumps rental market in India?
I cannot tell you the exact volume in INR, but it is definitely a very important and fast growing business sector. Most of the construction companies and contractors buy only equipment for approximately 50 per cent of their real requirement. The remaining 50 per cent, they like to hire on a very flexible basis in order to ensure that no equipment is idle at any time.

What would be on your wish list to the government for further growth of the RMC industry in India?
The concept of RMC results in a better concrete quality and so, in better quality buildings. At the same time, it shortens the con?struction time or increase the produ?ctivity of construction. So if the government is setting shorter construction times and higher quality standards, it will automatically lead to an increasing use of RMC.

Are you planning any new launches during Excon 2011?
Yes, we will show the new boom placer models and also new trailer pumps during Excon. Also, we will show our existing, most comprehensive range of concrete pumps and concrete placing equipment.

What are the other products that you will be showcasing during Excon 2011?
We will showcase the first mobile belt conveyor, Telebelt TBS130. Telebelts are used for big infrastructure projects like power dams to convey concrete which is too rough to be pumped. Also, solid mate?rials like gravel or sand can be conveyed.

What are your expectations from Excon 2011 with respect to your marketing objectives?
Excon is a very important and well known exhibition for construction machi?nery in India. We expect a lot of publicity from the show. It is a very good occasion to sho?wcase the latest technology and to wel?come customers from all over the world.

Putzmeister Product Range

Stationary Concrete Pumps
BSA 1404HD: This upgraded version BSA1404HD is a high pressure pump that caters to concrete pumping to 80~100m building heights. This pump has smaller towing length for better maneuverability in narrow areas - thus most suitable for RMC pumping contractors and infrastructure companies. Apart from providing the benefit of better fuel economy, the pump is available in various drive options of Kirloskar, Simpson, Deutz as well as electric versions (BSA 1403HE).
BSA 1407D: It is a high output concrete pump (72 cu m/hr) with delivery pressure of 106 bar. It is equipped with big mouth S-valve for easy suction of concrete thus removing the possibility of concrete blockage. The S-valve technology prevents frequent breakdowns giving uninterrupted flow of work, unlike pumps using any other technology. Pump is available with Kirloskar / Deutz diesel engines as well as Electric version (BSA 1406E).
MOLI 1404HD / 1407D: Putzmeister's mobile line pump is a full featured machine equipped with 100 m pipeline, air compressor, high pressure flushing water pump with water tank and centralized greasing system. The mobile line pump is aesthetically designed to take care driver's clear vision of the backside of the truck, unlike other manufacturers.

Boom Pumps

BSF36: Two years ago, Putzmeister launched its 36 m boom in India on a 3-axle homologated truck, as per the weight norms of Indian road regulations. The pump has got maximum vertical reach of 35.6 m (116 ft) and horizontal reach of (104 ft). The pump is mounted with separate slave/deck engine for lower operational costs and reduced fuel consumption.
BSF 42: Putzmeister is the first company in India to launch a homologated truck mounted Boom Pump on a normal priced Truck chassis. BSF42 boom pump is equipped with 5 arms for better reach and maneuverability even in areas with space and operating restrictions. It has a maximum vertical reach of 41.6m (136ft) and horizontal reach of 37.6m (123 ft). It is also equipped with a 137 cum/hr core pump and is mounted on a homologated chassis which is allowed to run on Indian roads.
BSS 46: The BSS46 boom pump is mounted on a trailer. With trailer configuration, it has opened the era of higher reach boom pumps in India which till now were restricted because of non-availability of bigger truck chassis. The pump is equipped with 5 arms for better reach and maneuverability It has a maximum vertical reach of 45.1 m (148 ft) and horizontal reach of 41.1 m (134 ft). It is also equipped with a 140 cu m/hr core pump and is mounted on a homologated trailer which is allowed to run on Indian roads.
Stationary Booms: Putzmeister's MX Booms are used worldwide on high rise buildings for economic distribution of concrete. These are available in 28 m, 32 m and 36 m configurations. These booms are available with or without counter weights and equipped with Z-folding system for synchronous opening of the boom.