We utilise telematics to monitor machine health
Please provide information regarding the company and the products or services it provides.
Incorporated in 2019, Arx Mining and Construction Equipment has a fleet of motor graders, including the 12 tonne, 17 tonne, 21 tonne, and a 32-tonne grader. The 32-tonne grader is designed for coal mining and heavy earthwork, while the 21 tonne can be used for road construction and mining. The 12 tonne is mainly for smaller roads. The Arx range of motor graders are built with state-of-the-art drivelines, an advanced hydraulic system, robust structures and ergonomically designed for convenience and control.

Additionally, we have a blasthole drill rig for coal mining with innovative features, such as a rock changer that can go up to 24 m. The ArxD3300 blasthole drill rig is an innovative design that combines the high traction speed of an excavator, the slewing function of a piling rig and a strong derrick that can be customised for different rod lengths.

Can you provide further details on the involvement of automation, IoT, and telematics in your machinery?
With the advent of emission norms, all our machines come fitted with ECU, transmission controllers, and brakes with controlling interfaces. We also utilise telematics to monitor machine health, with data sent to the OEM, dealer, and end customer. We work with Trimble and have a laser control system for precise grading, reducing the need for highly skilled operators.

Are these products all manufactured in India?
Yes, all our products are entirely manufactured in India at our plant in Kolar district, Bengaluru. We have a strong design team, and while some components come from Western Europe, our machines are specialised and state-of-the-art.

What about training initiatives for operators?
We offer training at our factory for operators to understand the machines. Additionally, we have master operators who go to the site and assist new operators. We can also provide operators on a contract basis if needed.

How do you tackle the issue of elevated expenses within a market sensitive to pricing?
Our priority lies not in the upfront expenses but in the overall cost of ownership. Incorporating top-tier components sourced from Germany and Italy, our machines boast extended durability. We underscore the value our products offer to customers, and upon explanation, they recognise and value our offerings.

What are your plans for the company in 2024?
In 2024, we expect significant growth, exceeding market indicators, as we focus on settling down our products, expanding our dealership networks, and adding more products to our mining portfolio. The election year does not significantly impact our plans.