We will be launching several products at Excon 2023
How is your company preparing for Excon 2023?
Ammann India is diligently preparing for Excon 2023 by ensuring a comprehensive showcase of its latest products, innovations, and sustainable solutions. The preparation includes optimising the exhibition space, coordinating with the event organisers, and ensuring that the team is well-equipped to engage with visitors and industry stakeholders.

What steps is your company taking to address sustainability and environmental concerns through your product offerings?
Ammann India is committed to addressing sustainability and environmental concerns through various initiatives. The introduction of the first fully electric offering, the 2.6-tonne mini tandem roller eARX 26, and the high recycling technology asphalt plant VT260 with RAP drum are examples of how the company is integrating eco-friendly solutions into its product lineup.

Will your company be launching any products or initiatives at Excon 2023 that will align with Excon’s theme of “Building a Better World” through sustainable practices?
Yes, Ammann India will be launching several products at Excon 2023 that align with the theme of “Building a Better World” through sustainable practices. These include the fully electric mini tandem roller, high recycling technology asphalt plant, and other innovative solutions aimed at minimising environmental impact.

How do you look at the market in India for your products?
Ammann India sees a positive outlook for its products in the Indian market. With the government’s focus on infrastructure development, there is a growing demand for construction equipment. The company aims to capitalise on these opportunities by providing advanced, sustainable, and efficient solutions.

What are the various challenges faced in the sector you are in?
The construction equipment sector faces challenges such as fluctuating demand, the need for continuous technological innovation, and adapting to changing regulatory and environmental standards. Ammann India navigates these challenges through a proactive approach to innovation and a commitment to sustainable practices.

Please share more information on the investment made in the Indian market in terms of the manufacturing facility, etc.
Ammann India has made substantial investments in the Indian market, including the establishment of a world-class manufacturing facility in Mehsana, Gujarat. This facility ensures the production of high-quality construction equipment and supports the company’s commitment to the “Make in India” initiative. Spread over an area of 43 acres this sprawling unit not only caters to the requirement of Indian market, but also exports plants and machines to all parts of the world.

In terms of performance, how was the year 2023 for the company?
The year 2023 has so far been an excellent year in terms of sales and going by the number of infrastructure projects in the pipeline, looks like we will close the year as our best year till date in terms of revenue generated.