We will shortly be starting our training institute in India
As the infrastructure in India is poised for high growth, the road sector will be a major contri?butor, hence we see a good future for pavers in India, says Rajesh Kawoor ? Vice President (Sales & Marketing), Sany India. Excerpts from the interview.

Brief us on the range of pavers offered by Sany in India.

We offer high grade and multi-function series of asphalt paver for pavement of high-grade highways and municipal roads as well as for paving various stable layers. We have a wide range of pavers covering the mini, medium and high capacity.

What are the in-built features that make your range of pavers fuel/energy efficient?
Our adopted advance technique of large conveyor, large augers, large hoppers, large thickness and intelligent distribution of hydraulic power improves working efficiency up to 30 per cent. Also, the electrical controlled Deutz engine features automatic power distribution; its economical working mode saves fuel up to 15 per cent.

Are there any features to prevent segregation?
As far as Sany products are concerned, augers are adjustable in height and tunnel width; large pitch, large diameter blades and technology of material distribution in low speed ensure intelligent material feeding so as to prevent material separation.

What does the cab design look like?
We supply pavers with standard canopy. However, if the customer`s requirement is for a cabin then we have the option to provide a cabin with required features.

Tell us about the machine-control systems in the paver range.
The following are the main features of our high grade and multi-function series of the asphalt paver:
a. Advanced noise reduction technology controls the noise below 80 dB;
b. Advanced heat radiation technology which ensures the machine works continuously in 24 hours under temperature of 50oC;
c. Hydraulic driven travelling system integrated with levelling technology which ensures high quality paving
d. CAN BUS control with SYMC special controller and SYLD LCD;
e. The travel, feeding and distributing systems adopt full hydraulic separate drive and microcomputer control, which effectively avoid wandering of the paver;
f. The DLT100C/90C screed applies mechanically assembled form, double tamping and steam heating;
g.The DTU90SC/75S screed applies hydraulic telescoping form, single tamping, eccentric vibration and electric heating;
h.An imported Deutz or Cummins six-cylinder water cooled and turbocharged engine;
i. The world?s first economic mode which can automatically match the working power and save fuel.

As knowledge and skills levels of operators are critical for optimal productivity, how do you address these challenges?
We understand the shortage of knowledgeable and skilled operators in India, hence we have taken the initiative to train operators and technicians at the construction sites to gear up for the future. We will be shortly starting our training institute, where we will have scheduled training programmes for operators, technicians, as well as engineers.

What is the potential for concrete pavers in India?
As the infrastructure in India is poised for high growth, the road sector will be a major contributor; hence we see a good future for pavers In India.

Have the inflationary trends, high cost of funding, rising input costs, adversely impacted your business?
The inflationary trends, high cost of funding, rising input cost is not only affecting our business but also that of the overall industry. We are positive and hope this problem is a temporary one, though.

Tell us about the performance in the last two quarters.
We have not yet introduced our localised products in India. We currently offer pavers manufactured by Sany China.

What is the growth you expect in the pavers range in India?
These sectors are interrelated to the growth of infrastructure in the Indian economy. India is a developing country and accordingly, this sector is growing. We are expecting bigger and wider highways to come up in India, so we expect that requirement may go up for high capacity pavers in the coming years.