Wirtgen launches eco-friendly cold mixing plant KMA 240i

As infrastructure development is increasingly tied to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, products like Wirtgen’s new KMA 240i cold mixing plant and its WR series cold recyclers could gain in demand.

The company is launching the world premiere of the KMA 240i mixing plant, which it says delivers “climate-friendly and cost-effective recycling of construction materials”. It is also announcing some technological updates to its WR series of cold recyclers.

The KMA 240i mixing plant can be stationed near the construction site where materials such as asphalt millings or crushed demolition debris can be delivered to it. The plant then mixes the material with water binding agents like foamed bitumen, bitumen emulsion, or cement. The mixed material can then be used for paving.

In addition to cold mixes for bituminous bound base layers, the plant can also produce mixes for cement-stabilized base layers and roller compacted concrete at rates of up to 240 tons per hour, Wirtgen says. “These construction materials are integrated in the road construction cycle as high-quality mixes. They can be used for applications ranging from highway, road and path construction to the construction of parking lots or industrial areas.”

The plant’s higher production speed is due to Wirtgen’s “double trough technology,” which doubles the processing speed. “The system enables precise, reliable and automatic addition of large amounts of hydraulic binding agents,” the company says. “As a result of this, the mix production process achieves the highest levels of efficiency and quality.”