Wirtgen’s 90 exhibits and 33 world premieres
In Munich, the Wirtgen Group is presenting sustainable – and therefore pioneering – solutions for the road construction industry and is once more demonstrating its outstanding powers of innovation. The industry’s trendsetting technology leader, and second-largest exhibitor, is once again appearing at the event together with John Deere. Their shared motto for this year’s Bauma is “The Future in Road Building – Smart. Safe. Sustainable.”

The Wirtgen Group supports and assists its customers in fast and cost-efficient ways, with the realization of the world’s continuously growing demands for infrastructure and the fulfillment of specific criteria relating to environmental protection and the safety of humanity and nature. These include solutions not only for individual machines and their engine and drive train technologies but also for complete production systems in the road construction sector.

The company’s holistic approach to the entire road construction process chain promises the most effective understanding of the greatest ecological and economic potentials. The Wirtgen Group provides solutions for the entire road construction process chain, and the group is presenting a cross-section of them in a dedicated special exhibition area at its booth. Here, visitors from all areas of the industry can gain insights into how customers can sustainably and cost-effectively see their road construction projects through the efficient interplay of construction equipment and technical solutions from the specialist product brands of Wirtgen, Vögele, Hamm, Kleemann and Benninghoven.

Alongside machine efficiency and alternative applications and methods, digitization and connected system solutions are important drivers in the development of the overall road construction process chain. In the Technology Zone, the Wirtgen Group is showing application-specific core technologies as well as digital solutions and technologies of tomorrow that are already available today.

The Wirtgen Group is a pioneer in the realization of greater mobility in road construction. And, in this process, sustainability is a mainstay of the group’s corporate strategy. As a part of the John Deere Construction and Forestry Division, the sustainability goals of the Wirtgen Group make a valuable contribution to the overall strategy. For instance, a significant reduction of the emissions of transporting and operating machines and the overall activities at the group’s production facilities and sites is expected by 2030. At the same time, the Wirtgen Group anticipates a continuous increase in the number of sustainable machine and technology solutions by 2026. Visitors to the Wirtgen Group booth can learn more about the group’s sustainability targets in a special exhibition on the roof terrace of the Technology Zone.

The Wirtgen Group’s clear commitment to sustainability is also shown in the world premieres and innovations presented by its product brands.

For instance, the Mill Assist machine control system now also assures sustainable and efficient machine operation in the new generation of compact milling machines from Wirtgen. With the KMA 240i cold recycling mixing plant, it is now not only possible to produce high-quality mixes from recycled construction materials, but also cement-treated base layers.

That Vögele sees green as much more than the color of the paintwork of its machines, is clearly demonstrated by the company’s new Dash 5 generation of road pavers. Also on display are the SUPER 1900-5(i) and SUPER 2100-5(i) Highway Class pavers and the latest generation of the AB 500 and AB 600 extending screeds.

In the future, electrically-powered HD CompactLine tandem rollers from Hamm can step up to the plate whenever contracts demand zero-emission compaction. The e-tandem rollers are the ideal solution in all areas where compaction work must be particularly quiet. As, in many cases, low vibration levels are also specified, the compaction specialist is also presenting an e-combination roller with oscillation alongside e-vibration and e-oscillation rollers.

The drive system of the new MOBIREX MR 130(i) PRO mobile impact crusher from Kleemann is also fully electric. Thanks to the option for connection to an external power supply, the plant enables materials processing with low energy consumption per ton of the final product.

John Deere is coming to the event with a representative selection of construction equipment and corresponding technologies that are tailored to the needs of the European market and ideally complement the Wirtgen Group’s portfolio.

Hyundai to show fuel cell concept

Hyundai Construction Equipment has developed the HW155H concept wheeled excavator, powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. The hydrogen fuel cell is more compatible with larger construction machinery than the lithium-ion batteries currently being employed in smaller electric mini excavator models.

Hyundai Construction Equipment started development of a hydrogen fuel cell-powered driveline in 2020, having signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Hyundai Motors and with Hyundai Mobis, at its Mabuk Research Centre in Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do. The three companies committed to develop a hydrogen fuel cell, to power forklifts and medium/large excavators over the coming years.

Unlike a conventional wheeled excavator, where a diesel engine drives a hydraulic pump to power the machine, the hydrogen excavator has a fuel cell mounted in the rear of the upperstructure that creates electrical energy. This is used to power the hydraulic pump, to drive the machine in the normal way.

The fuel cell relies on a chemical reaction between the stored hydrogen and oxygen that is present in the air. The fuel cell stack generates electrical energy from this reaction, with an inverter converting this energy into usable electrical power. The only emission from the fuel cell stack is water, a combination of the hydrogen and oxygen. When the hydrogen is produced using renewable energy, such as off-shore wind, this creates an incredibly low-carbon powertrain.

The hydrogen is stored on the right-hand side of the excavator, opposite the operator’s cab, in high-pressure tanks. This technology is already in use in the passenger bus and commercial vehicle business. Indeed, Hyundai has been supplying fuel cell-powered road trucks to customers in Switzerland for the last two years. These trucks run on green hydrogen created from hydropower or renewable energy, resulting in a zero-carbon driveline.

Electric, digital concepts from Bobcat

Bobcat will showcase some of its latest machine and technology concepts in development for contractors at the world’s largest construction equipment trade show in October. For Bauma 2022 in Munich Germany, the company will have a comprehensive display of its wheeled and tracked loaders, compact excavators, telehandlers and more. This will include new excavators of 5 to 8 metric tonne and new attachments.

Bobcat has unveiled two electric compact excavators the E32 and the E10e, its first electric compact excavator announced in 2019 and the world’s first electric compact track loader the T7X unveiled earlier this year.

With the T7X Bobcat has delivered a connected all-electric machine designed for power and performance. The CTL has been recognized for its ingenuity with two CES Innovation Awards in the Vehicle Intelligence and Transportation and Smart Cities categories.

At Bauma, Bobcat will be using the T7X to continue to gather feedback from customers who work in different applications so the company can understand market opportunities in Europe the Middle East and Africa. In addition, the company will be looking to study the regulatory needs in Europe and after-sales infrastructure readiness.

Raimondi Cranes to unveil flattop tower cranes

Raimondi Cranes SpA, the heritage manufacturer of intelligently-designed machinery, will unveil its new visual identity while showcasing two new cranes and a newly-designed cabin onsite at Bauma 2022. The cranes will be erected at the Raimondi Cranes exhibit situated at FS 1102/2 in the event’s outdoor area at the Messe München Trade Fair Center.

“The past 14 months have marked an exciting new era for Raimondi with the company working on several fundamental projects, including the conceptualization and development of a new series of flattops,” said Eng. Diego Borgna, Chief Executive Officer, Raimondi Cranes.

“We will also take the opportunity of the gathering at Bauma, the largest exhibition in the construction industry, to present our new vision and guiding principals to clients, industry stakeholders, and our respected contemporaries in the sector,” he said. Eng. Borgna added that the details around the new 29,000 sq. m. company headquarters will also be shared at the event.

The newest range of Raimondi flattops is comprised of two series; the two lineups aim to excite and meet market demand, with further details to be released at a later date. The new models have a range of lifting capacities, from 6t-24t, and boast many technical innovations.

“Our R&D department have been working extensively on developing cranes that respond to market trends and client needs. The new range of machines, designed with fleet rental companies top of mind, will include unique characteristics such as adaptable and lighter jibs, a new seamless crane control system, simplified and compatible components, as well as new tower sections allowing for both internal and external climbing,” said Cristian Badin, Commercial Director, Raimondi Cranes.

All machines will be equipped with the new crane cabin, available in two models, ensuring the highest levels of comfort and safety. Significant improvements have been made on the structural side with the cabin now featuring a single glass block on the frontal and side windshields, allowing an increase in visibility by 30 per cent. Other major features are the canalized air system to reduce window fogging, an ergonomic seat, and several internal accessories to boost crane operator comfort.

Mecalac to launch range of electric equipment

Mecalac plans to unveil a full set of medium-sized electric equipment for the urban construction site at Bauma 2022. The new equipment trio consists of the 11-tonne e12 excavator the 1.3-cubic-yard es1000 swing loader and the 6-tonne eD6 site dumper.

Mecalac will also roll out its new battery-charging system called M-Power at the show October 24-28 in Munich Germany. Mecalac designed the products to provide a zero-emission low-noise solution for the urban construction site.

With these complementary products all earthmoving operations (digging loading and transporting) can now be carried out with emission-free machines on a scale never before achieved.

Mecalac eD6 electric site dumper light gray graphicMecalac teases to electric eD6 site dumper ahead of Bauma unveiling. The company said it sought to go beyond the compact size in developing electric equipment to meet a need for medium-sized machines on urban jobsites. It also worked to extend the runtime of the battery-powered equipment.

PALFINGER to present pioneering innovations for e-mobility

Taking change as an opportunity and using it proactively for customers and partners has been the hallmark of PALFINGER for 90 years. With its Vision & Strategy 2030, the international technology group is focusing on its goals for the next ten years. At bauma 2022, the company will present pioneering innovations for e-mobility.

This is how the future works: With ZF eWorX and its extensive range of Smart Solutions and Services, PALFINGER presents innovative product solutions for e-mobility era at bauma 2022. At the same time, PALFINGER demonstrates how pioneering spirit, entrepreneurship and expertise have transformed the company over the past 90 years from a small workshop into an international technology group and a global market leader in loader, timber and recycling cranes. “Change,” says PALFINGER CEO Andreas Klauser, “is nothing new to us. We identify opportunities and make them work for our company, our customers and partners.”

Based on its Vision & Strategy 2030, PALFINGER proactively transforms the challenges of the megatrends of digitalization, sustainability and social change into opportunities. Strategy 2030 creates the framework for tailoring solutions precisely to the needs of customers and partners and to achieve increased efficiency. "PALFINGER is working to offer its customers future-proof integrated complete solutions of the very highest standard – responsibly and with a positive impact on people, the planet, and the success of our company," says Andreas Klauser. That is why Strategy 2030 is based on the pillars “Go for Solutions” and “Go Digital”, which go together with the end-to-end digitalization of all company sectors and product lines.

Liebherr rail-road excavator with hydrostatic drive concept

At Bauma, Liebherr presents a representative from the area of rail-road excavators with the A 922 Rail Litronic. The trade fair exhibit is equipped with a hydrostatic drive concept as well as the new, fully hydraulic quick coupling system LIKUFIX. Liebherr also provides a general outlook of solutions in terms of intelligent handling of attachments using the rail-road excavator. The articulated dump truck TA 230 Litronic also celebrates its début at Bauma – this is the first appearance of the machine on an international trade fair stage.

Liebherr has been successfully developing and manufacturing rail-road excavators for track construction since 1967. At Bauma Liebherr presents the A 922 Rail for the first time with a hydrostatic drive concept. The new, fully hydraulic quick coupling system LIKUFIX® is also shown at the machine. Following the successful, digital product launch at the end of 2020, the articulated dump truck from Liebherr celebrates its début on the international trade fair stage at Bauma in Munich. The powerful, robust and efficient machine was developed for tough off-road applications.

Elematic’s new automated wall production is star of the show

Longstanding bauma attendee Elematic is coming back to Munich with a host of technical innovations at this year’s show. The star of the 270m2 stand – Hall B, stand 323 – will be an all-new shuttering robot that is designed for solid wall, double wall and filigran concrete element production. The robot is the latest part in Elematic’s whole precast concrete plant automation technology offering. The company, already a leader in hollow core floors and sandwich construction walls, is now expanding its wall offering to include state-of-the-art double wall elements. When coupled with the company’s robot control system and whole-factory Plant Control system Elematic can deliver optimised automation that delivers the best precast factory layouts and processes for specific customer needs.

At the heart of this modernisation is Plant Control, a suite of software that combines precast process optimization with the latest IT. A central element of the shift to automation, and paperless production processes, Plant Control streamlines operations, workflows and minimises errors. Capacity, material and storage management, transport and production planning, as well as a host of other services, Plant Control makes sense of fluid and complex precast factory’s operations.

iDig to launch disruptive new 3D system

The makers of the most affordable 2D excavator guidance equipment have announced that the launch of their game-changing 3D version is to take place this October at Germany’s Bauma trade fair.

Exciting key attributes of iDig’s highly anticipated equipment will be released at Bauma Dialogue from June 21-22 in Munich, according to CEO Albert Gamal. When pressed for details, Gamal says that the 3D Connect – in line with the values of its 2D predecessor – is a solar powered, wireless tool that’s easily interchangeable between machines.

What’s more, the iDig 3D Connect improves upon the 2D system’s time and money saving attributes and offers better safety on-site. Like its predecessor, the solar powered equipment reduces fuel consumption and offers construction businesses of all sizes a foothold in sustainable development.

Imagine being able to command your bucket teeth to dig to the desired depths, slopes and distances down to the exact centimeter – all from the comfort of your cab. With the iDig 2D Touch, this is possible, and a lot more. With wireless, solar-powered sensors positioned on arm of your excavator, iDig calculates and shows the driver the exact position of the bucket, in real time and with centimetric precision.