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Putzmeister`s machines are involved in the construction of metro rail projects, expansion and modernisation of international airports at Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Bengaluru; as well as building of diverse power plants, hydraulic projects, liquefied natural gas tanks, refineries, ports, roads, bridges, high-rises, and many such challenging projects.

Putzmeister Concrete Machines India is a 100 per cent subsidiary of Putzmeister GmbH, world's No. 1 manufacturer of high-capacity concrete machines. Putzmeister India manufactures a complete range of high-tech innovative concrete equipment, adapted to the Indian market specifications and the needs at its factory and head office in Verna, Goa. The company's sales and service network is spread across India, continuously expanding further to cater to the growing infrastructure demands of the nation. As the pioneer of R&D in concrete pumping technology, Putzmeister is dedicated to offer the best and latest innovations in India.

Putzmeister's machines are involved in the construction of metro rail projects, and expansion and modernisation of international airports at Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Bengaluru; as well as building of diverse power plants, hydraulic projects, liquefied natural gas tanks, refineries, ports, roads, bridges, high-rises and many such challenging projects.

Continuous overnight concrete pour
Beginning of this year, Putzmeister completed a challenging pour at NCC power plant project at Krishnapatnam in Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh. Putzmeister's boom pump?BSF 36.04H-ECI?withstood the continous concreting of the foundation, which was carried on overnight, completing this feat early morning the next day. The company is proud to be associated with clients who enable it to perform extraordinary tasks.

Boom pumps in action at Jamnagar
Reliance Industries has started the Phase-3 of expansion of its petrochemical plant, called J-3. The project will take almost three years to complete with a total concrete pour of 24,00,000 cu m. At present, 20 Putzmeister boom pumps, including 16 BSF 36.09 and four BSF 32.09, are working on the site. As and when the project accelerates, more machines will be brought in to complete the pour. Putzmeister takes great pride in being associated with India's leading private sector corporate industry. Putzmeister continues to provide the best innovations and quality in its concrete equipment. The world knows that Putzmeister is the one who sets standards 'every single time we pour'. At the same time, on the other side of the globe, Putzmeister was all set to create a new world record in Los Angeles, US.

New Guinness world record
After a successful concrete pour in India, the next day Putzmeister set a world record in Los Angeles, US. The massive pour took place with 12 Putzmeister truck-mounted concrete boom pumps ranging from 32 m to 47 m, two Putzmeister placing boom towers and two Putzmeister trailer-mounted pumps. These concrete pumps were strategically placed both inside and above the excavation. Total 19 pumps were utilised for this enormous 16,200 cu cm concrete pouring. It took 18.5 hours to complete the pour, which steered Putzmeister towards setting a new Guinness world record for the largest continuous concrete pour on 15 February 2014 in Los Angeles.

The pour was to lay the foundation of the Wilshire Grand project, which will be the tallest structure west of the Mississippi when finished at 73 stories and 335 m in height. Turner and Conco, the general contractor of the project, devised a plan for the concrete pour, which was located 24-29 m below street level. For the past several months, crews have prepared the site by digging a 6 m-deep pit and lining it with 3,700 tonne of reinforcing steel.

"We utilised Putzmeister equipment due to its durability and reliability," says Michael Marchesano, Turner's General Superintendent. "With a continuous pour of this magnitude, you need to be able to count on your equipment to keep doing its job, even under demanding conditions."

The pour included 227 ready-mix trucks making more than 2,100 trips and pouring almost 39 mt of concrete during an 18.5 hour period.

"Each truck made 10-14 concrete drops, travelling through the night between eight different concrete plants within a 30 km radius," says Marchesano. "The first batch of concrete poured onto the site came from a plant in Vernon that poured the first concrete in Southern California ever."

"We were extremely happy with the way all the Putzmeister equipment performed," said Marchesano. "A pour of this size requires extensive planning, precision, and dependable equipment. Everything went smoother than we could have imagined." The concrete pour qualified as the largest continuous concrete pour in history and officially claimed a Guinness world record.

Given that Los Angeles is the second most populous city in the US, the construction team anticipated logistical challenges when planning the large mat pour at the project's downtown location.

"Because the concrete must be poured within 90 min of being mixed, trucks had to arrive on time," Marchesano explains. "In case of freeway jams, alternate routes were mapped." Not only was outside traffic a concern, but job site congestion also was a challenge. Equipment had to be carefully chosen to accommodate the site's needs.

"Through its durability and diverse selection of pumps, Putzmeister helped us overcome the challenge of having a large amount of material that needed to be poured continuously in a dense urban area," says Marchesano. "Each piece of equipment had its role and was orchestrated to help make the pour run as smoothly and efficiently as possible."

Building up
Now that the foundation is in place, the crew will begin working on the attached parking structure and 73-story building that will make up the Wilshire Grand project. Both of the existing Putzmeister MX 34-4 placing boom towers that were used for the concrete pour will remain in place while the crew builds up. Two additional Putzmeister placing booms will be constructed to help place concrete for the underground parking structure.

The two Putzmeister trailer pumps used on the concrete pour will also be used to pump the concrete to the placing towers. The crew will be pumping more than 60,000 cu m of concrete vertically, including lightweight concrete and C55 mixes. With such well-planned and organised preparations, we are assertive of providing precise solutions to our clients in India.