ELGi air compressors meet the industry benchmark for noise levels
What are the most important factors that construction equipment operators consider when choosing an air compressor?
Construction equipment operators consider several essential factors to ensure they select the right equipment for their specific needs. These factors include performance and efficiency, productivity, portability, power source, airflow and pressure, durability, noise level, maintenance and serviceability, and safety features.

Construction professionals seek air compressors with optimal performance and energy efficiency. They look for compressors that ensure uninterrupted operation. Energy-efficient models are preferred to minimise operating costs and reduce environmental impact. Construction applications often require specific airflow and pressure requirements. Operators consider the compressor’s capacity to deliver the necessary airflow and pressure to meet the demands of their pneumatic and hydraulic equipment. Construction sites often require air compressors to be mobile and easily transported between different locations. Operators look for compact, lightweight compressors equipped with handles or wheels for convenient movement.

The availability of power sources is crucial when selecting a portable screw air compressor. Operators assess whether a reliable electrical power supply is accessible on the construction site or if a diesel-powered compressor would be more suitable for remote or off-grid locations. Construction sites can be harsh environments, so equipment durability is vital. Operators consider the compressors build quality and overall ruggedness to ensure that it can withstand demanding conditions, including vibration, dust, and other potential impacts. Noise pollution concerns construction sites, and operators prefer air compressors operating at lower noise levels. Compressors with noise-reducing features or soundproof enclosures are valued to create a more comfortable and compliant work environment.

Ease of maintenance and serviceability are essential factors for construction equipment operators. They look for compressors with accessible components, user-friendly controls, and clear maintenance requirements. Quick and efficient service and support from manufacturers   are also considered. Operator safety is paramount, so air compressors with built-in safety features, such as pressure relief valves, thermal overload protection, and automatic shutdown mechanisms, are highly valued. Compliance with relevant safety standards and regulations is also key.

By considering these crucial factors, construction equipment operators make informed decisions and choose the portable screw air compressor that best meets their specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance, efficiency, and productivity on construction sites.

What are the most common types of air compressors used in the construction industry? 
Electric and diesel-powered portable screw air compressors have become indispensable tools in the construction industry, providing a reliable source of compressed air for a wide range of applications. Electric screw air compressors are the ideal choice for construction sites with a stable power supply. In construction sites where a reliable electricity supply may not be available, or mobility is required, diesel-powered screw air compressors take the stage.   

What are the advantages of ELGi compressors, especially in construction and mining applications? What are the features in-built that can efficiently counter extreme operating conditions?
The ELGi PG series portable air compressors are revolutionising the industry with their cutting-edge features and exceptional performance. Designed to meet the diverse needs of various applications, these compressors deliver unparalleled energy efficiency, reliability, and versatility.

One of the standout features of the ELGi PG series is its unique rotary screw airend, which sets it apart from traditional compressors. This innovative design not only ensures efficient operation but also maximises energy savings. The η-V rotor profiles are specifically engineered to optimise energy efficiency, resulting in minimised energy expenses.

With the ELGi PG series portable compressors, users can enjoy the benefits of high-performance air compression while reducing their environmental footprint and lowering operating costs. The powder-coated industrial-grade steel canopies with a cool-box design further enhance the performance of the ELGi PG series. This smart design allows cool air to enter the rear of the compressor, even during closed-door operations. Keeping the internal temperature low extends the life of critical components and ensures reliable operation in demanding environments.
These compressors remain stable on rough terrains, making them ideal for construction sites or other challenging work environments. The inclusion of overrun brakes ensures safe towing, while the standard parking brakes guarantee secure parking in all models. In addition to their robust design, the ELGi PG series compressors are compact and manoeuvrable, making them ideal for use in small spaces and narrow work areas. Their exceptional manoeuvrability allows for short radius turns, enabling users to navigate confined spaces easily. This versatility ensures the compressors can adapt to various job site conditions, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

The ELGi portable diesel compressors are powered by globally renowned and reliable engines. These compressors are specifically designed to deliver the best fuel economy and low emissions in their class. Ideal for operations in dusty environments, these compressors feature a three stage filtration system which includes turbo pre-cleaners or pre-filters that effectively keeps dust out of both the compressor and engine, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. They also feature a 0-100 per cent step-less capacity control system to optimise performance further and reduce operating costs. This innovative technology adjusts the butterfly valve based on the air consumption demand, ensuring that the compressor operates at its peak efficiency at all times. The inclusion of aluminum oil coolers facilitates better heat dissipation, ensuring optimal operating temperatures for enhanced performance and reliability.

Maintenance is a breeze with the ELGi PG series compressors. Operators can swiftly and easily access regular maintenance components, significantly reducing service time. Service doors are conveniently designed to provide easy access to air filters and valves, simplifying routine maintenance procedures and ensuring uninterrupted operation.

For environmentally conscious customers, ELGi offers the PG Series electric-powered compressors. These compressors are ideal for work environments where electricity is readily available and for applications requiring a quiet and emission-free operation. The compact design of these electric trolley compressors makes them suitable for standard pressure applications, such as powering crawler drills, breakers and other tools in quarries and construction sites. They are also well-suited for specialised applications like sandblasting, pigging, drilling, and optical fibre blowing.

The ELGi PG series portable air compressors combine power, efficiency, and versatility to meet the demanding requirements of the construction and mining industry. Whether diesel-powered compressors for dusty environments or electric-powered compressors for quiet and emission-free operation, ELGi offers a solution for every need. With their exceptional features and reliable performance, the ELGi PG series compressors are poised to enhance productivity and deliver outstanding results for various applications.

What are the solutions for reducing the noise level in this equipment?
To create a safer and more comfortable working environment, it is essential to decrease the noise generated by air compressors. ELGi air compressors meet the industry benchmark for noise levels by adopting sound enclosures around the compressors with suitable silencers and fan configuration. Noise levels are often heightened due to vibrations produced by air compressors. To address this issue, ELGi has implemented anti-vibration mounts that significantly reduce vibrations and accompanying noise. Ensuring regular air compressor maintenance is also crucial for optimal performance and minimising noise generation. Moreover, incorporating anti-rumbling valves can effectively eliminate the rumbling noise and vibrations that occur when the machine reaches an idle or unload condition. These valves play a crucial role in creating a quieter working environment.