Our products have a very promising market in India
Booth: OF-10
bauma CONEXPO is returning after a gap of almost four years. What has been the past experience at the event?
There is expected to be a high demand for the bauma CONEXPO event due to the desire for new technology and opportunities in the industry. We have had consistently positive experiences attending bauma CONEXPO India since 2014 and have benefited from networking with other professionals and showcasing our products and services to potential customers. The event provides a valuable platform for business opportunities and is a worthwhile experience for industry professionals and companies, particularly after such a long break. We appreciate bauma CONEXPO as it serves as both a networking and transactional platform.

What are the key products on display during bauma CONEXPO? Explain in detail.
At our booth O.F10, visitors will be able to witness live demonstrations of the BF90.3 crusher bucket and MB-S18 screening bucket, which can be used with all types of excavators, as well as the MB-L160 crusher bucket, which is compatible with all backhoe brands and models. We will also display our full range of products and highlight the various ways they can be used in different applications such as crushing, screening, cutting, handling, trenching, and demolition. We are excited to share our innovative solutions with attendees and discuss how they can benefit from our products.

How do you look at the market in India for your products?
MB Crusher’s products have a very promising market in India, which is predicted to be one of the top three infrastructure equipment markets for the next decade in terms of percentage and value growth. The company has successfully established a strong presence in the country through its direct distribution channels, and its products have been well-received by customers. In India, we are carefully segmenting the market based on contractors' profiles and specific application requirements.

India is a large and diverse country with varying characteristics of materials across regions and states. By using these two key variables, we are able to provide the right solution for each specific worksite. Having introduced the product category in the market a little over eight years ago, we are online begging to scratch the surface and the medium to long-term prospects are truly exciting.

What are the various challenges faced in the sector you are in?
The crushing industry is highly competitive, with various companies offering a diverse range of products and services, from local fabricators to large multinational corporations. In order to remain competitive, we must continually innovate and adapt our offerings. This involves consistently striving for improvement and investing in research and development to provide the best solutions to our customers. Furthermore, in India, it is critical that the customer feels protected in terms of after-sales service. We are constantly extending our post-sales reach in a capillary manner.

How was the year 2022 in terms of performance? What is your company’s plan for 2023?
In 2022, MB experienced a strong year of performance, in spite of the decline seen in earthmoving equipment. Not only were we able to surpass our budget, but we also received positive feedback from our customers regarding our after-sales service. Looking ahead to 2023, we are focusing on expanding our presence in particular and unique end-user applications and promoting our MB-L series, which is compatible with any brand of a backhoe loader. To achieve this, we are arranging a live demonstration of the MB-L160 crusher bucket for BHL at bauma CONEXPO, the first time at such a large-scale event in India. We are very excited to showcase this unique product, which provides unparalleled value to customers by turning any backhoe into a mobile crushing unit.