SSLs have garnered significant demand compared to other CE
How do you see the market for skid-steer loaders evolving in India in the next few years?
Considering, India is a country which can adapt development at a very high pace, the market dynamics of skid steer loader is also very optimistic. It is the largest segment over the forecast period that can be employed in multiple activities like digging, grading, application handling, and trenching. As India is in a surge of urbanisation and the country is preparing itself for Viksit Bharat, there is an upward demand for skid steer loaders as well.

We at CASE recently showcased our skid steer loader SR175B, at EXCON 2023. As the industry is familiarising with the recent trends, we are also ready to strengthen our portfolio, adding value to ongoing mega projects.

What factors do you believe are driving the growth of the skid-steer loaders market in India? How would you describe the demand for skid-steer loaders compared to other types of construction equipment in the Indian market?
Consumers often seek efficiency without additional costs. The skid steer loader is crafted to cater to multiple tasks simultaneously, eliminating the need for separate machinery purchases. This versatility significantly drives its demand. Moreover, the increase in infrastructural development nationwide further fuels its popularity. By utilising a skid steer loader, large-scale projects can be executed within deadlines without the need for excessive machinery expenditures.

In the Indian market, skid-steer loaders have garnered significant demand compared to other types of construction equipment, owing to their versatility and adaptability. Skid-steer loaders offer a range of functionalities crucial for construction activities, including digging, lifting, and material handling, making them highly sought after for various tasks on construction sites. The adaptability of skid-steer loaders to diverse building sites is a key factor driving their demand. Their ability to navigate and operate effectively in confined spaces or areas where manoeuvrability is essential makes them indispensable in many construction projects across India.

In India, the skid steer loader market reported a gain of 11.94 per cent in value shipments in 2022 compared to 2021, along with a 23.54 per cent increase in CAGR in 2022 over the period of 2017. This indicates a sustained upward trend in the adoption of skid-steer loaders within the construction industry.

Explain in detail the various products on offer in this segment. What are its salient features?
CASE India offers the skid steer loader SR175B, an all women production line. This machine sets new standards for efficiency and comfort at the workplace with its remarkable features. The ROPS/FOPS cab offers exceptional visibility, narrow wire lateral protection, and a lowered threshold, ensuring operator safety. Inside the cab, operator comfort is prioritized with a wide door, convenient grab handles, and suspension seats, creating a pleasant working environment by reducing noise and dust. The strategic design of the loader places supports at the chassis’ bottom for optimal pushing power, enhancing performance. Versatility is boosted by a hydraulic system providing fast cycle times and a connect under pressure (CUP) system for easy attachment of hydraulic tool hoses. Maintenance is simplified with a tilting cab and secure safety locking system, offering access to essential components.

The joystick’s ergonomic design enhances operator comfort with a narrower palm grip, closer switch layout, and smaller head size. Further enhancements include smaller EH pods and improved drive motor pump controls for smoother operation. An optimised start-up procedure and improved instrument cluster positioning contribute to a more intuitive and efficient workflow. The CASE skid steer loader delivers reliable and innovative performance on the job. For specific customisation options, the consumer needs to consult our CASE dealer for the latest information, as machine specifications may vary within industry standards.