We have launched 14 new products
Being a pioneer in the construction equipment manufacturing industry, Schwing Stetter India has been growing exponentially during the pandemic. Schwing Stetter India strongly believes in being customer-first. Over the past few years, the company has observed a growing need to become increasingly cost-effective for customers. By choosing a Schwing product, customers can not only save cement but also on fuel – through the new range of hybrid/biofuel products.

“We have launched 14 new products during Excon. These include: batching plant M45Z, Boom pump S 47, SLM (Mahindra) 4600 SV (CEV-IV), mobile service van, conveyor on wheels, wheel loader ZL33FV (CEV-IV), wheel loader ZL55GV (CEV-IV), motor grader GR 1705, piling rig XR 330 I, crawler crane Xgc150-1, truck crane XCT150 Y, excavator XE 38U, excavator XE 215-I LC, and bricks and blocks plant SSI-154-E,” said VG Sakthikumar, Managing Director, Schwing Stetter India.

Brand trust
He added, “After the pandemic hit, the construction industry suffered a great deal. However, at Schwing – we used this period for research and to recalibrate ourselves for the new normal. In fact, what we have displayed today at Excon, is a true testimony of our hard work during the pandemic. Schwing Stetter India has been growing exponentially and still focusing on quality and innovation. Our customer’s trust in us helps us continue to make machines that are technologically superior, efficient, and cost-effective.”

“What we launched two to three years back, we could capture a substantial market share. As a culture, we have been regularly launching new products. I would like to highlight the speed at which we are launching the new products. The gestation period to bring in new products is very less productive.”

Indian market scenario
Schwing Stetter India has appointed close to 26 dealers for our excavator market and is continuously expanding the dealership network for our SLM sales. The market is looking very upbeat for the Schwing branded products and the product portfolio which now encompasses the complete range of concreting, road construction, earthmoving, and mining applications. We foresee a 53 per cent increase in sales for 2022.

“The only upward fluctuating steel prices are dampeners in our ambitious sales projections. Another cause of concern is the availability of chip-based control systems hampering the supply chain functioning. The price increase to these factors and the CEV IV engine adaption is a challenge for the customers. Schwing Stetter’s strategic management team has come up with a slew of measures to tackle these issues.”

Expansion plans
Notwithstanding the pandemic, Schwing Stetter India has continued to invest in the expansion of its production capacity to cater to the domestic and international market. The global manufacturing hub, inaugurated amidst the pandemic, is a solid example of our commitment.

“We have expanded our capacity multiple times depending on the products, and we will continue to expand even further. Our production capacity is also under expansion now.”