We stand out in product quality, pricing & availability

With over 330 years of innovation and passion, Husqvarna provides construction professionals with support, service and a wide range of machines, diamond tools and all accessories that you need to cut, saw, drill, demolish, grind and polish concrete. Tennyson Anthony, General Manager – Construction Products, Husqvarna India Products, speaks on the major equipment and attachments offered by the company for demolition applications.

Which are the major equipment and attachments offered by the company for demolition applications?

We offer the broadest range of light remote demolition tools like demolition robots, wall saws, wire saws and accessories related thereto. We cater segments like construction, cement, steel/sponge industries, mining, tunnelling, and rescue and process industry.

What are the efficiency and productivity features of your product range?

Demolition robots: Our demolition robots (DXR) are the most powerful remote workmates that are ready to tackle your heaviest, most challenging jobs. They are highly capable multi-tool. Ready for any challenge. DXR’s best features include versatility, minimal servicing, compact yet long reach, superior stability to handle high workload even at high ambient temperatures. DXR’s accessories includes compact and versatile crushers, hammers, steel shearers, grapplers, breakers, buckets and additional feature packages like cylinder protection, enhanced cooling and heat protection. These can be ordered as accessories or installed direct from the factory.

Wall and Wire sawing systems:

·         We are a market leader in wall saws for tough cutting jobs.

·         Ours saws are more compact, easy to handle and transport; and quick set up.

·         Market’s most powerful wall saws for cutting reinforced concrete, brick and other building materials.

·         Features include the water-cooled electric motor; the two-speed gearbox delivers a wide rpm range, the blade spindle with a stepless speed adjustment.

How do you look at the market opportunities for these products? 

India’s growing need for advanced machineries and automation of roads, tunnels, bridge demolitions and repairs are an advantage for us, we replace the conventional modes as we provide the best productivity and at the same time reduce dependency on the labour to demolition contractors through our DXRs, wall and wire saws targeting projects/maintenance department at end user side. We have a strong distribution network, expert sales and service engineer’s team with relevant product experience and our marketing approach on product range awareness for better market penetration. We stand out in product quality, pricing and availability.

With the demolition industry in India growing, what are your plans on expanding the product availability for the future demand growth?

We offer a range of light demolition solutions. Our prime focus is on government infrastructure development projects and private enterprises involved with construction and demolition. All our products are manufactured by Husqvarna in our own plants across the world, and we can therefore, optimise the machinery performance thereby, giving the best value to our customers. In terms of markets expansion, we see a huge scope in the infrastructure projects. We are constantly developing on our range of products.