Loading Bays | The Most Overlooked Area

The importance of efficiently loading goods has always been evident. It has only increased with the years. Higher cost of skilled manpower consequently causes the necessity of hiring less qualified personnel.

Fire Rated Shutters

Fire shutters are the unsung heroes of the fire safety as most of the time they work like any other doors, while during a fire breakout, it acts as an engineered fire safety device.

On top of automation

A Chemical Engineer from the prestigious UDCT Mumbai, Samir Gandhi started his career as Project Engineer with Gharda Chemicals. During his tenure of five years at Gharda Chemicals, Samir always wondered about automation in material handling of hazardous chemicals. It was his dream to have automated material handling in the industry; automatic doors for men and material movement, ramps and levelers for easy and safe loading/unloading etc, even though at that time, he did not know how and when it