New Side Gripper guarantees higher reliability

Dieseko Group BV, the global market leader of innovative foundation equipment and within their product range, both PVE and ICE vibratory hammer, has recently launched a revolutionary new side gripper

On Strong Foundation

Foundation equipment segment is back on action with a lot of equipment busy at various project sites across the country. The trend is expected to continue for the next few years.

Piling Deep for Solid Growth

In a highly competitive market space hitherto rigged with challenge, the piling industry has responded positively by developing and launching advanced rigs. The piling technology with latest monitoring features could help increase productivity and reduce overall cost of a project.

Resonance-free vibratory hammers

Suretech Infrastructure is the authorised dealers of ICE Holland, Netherlands (known as Dieseko Group BV), for their wide range of hydraulic vibratory hammers, resonance-free vibratory hammers, excavator-mounted vibratory hammers, earth augers and submersible dredge pumps.

ICE Vibratory Hammer

ICE vibratory hammer model 416L used to drive 750 dia casings at S P Single Construction at their Jabalpur (MP) jobsite. ICE 416L vibro hammer is powered with ICE 400 PP powerpack.