Metalgalante launches Carmix Bagger
Metalgalante launched Carmix Bagger, a tool compatible with all Carmix machines, set to increase their productivity at the worksite. Carmix Bagger is a steel mini silo with a capacity of 3 cu m speeding up the cement loading process and ensuring a strict accuracy of the mix design. As a matter of fact, this machine includes a load cell container weighing the quantity of materials loaded. Thanks to this special construction, both normal sized cement bags and big bags may be used. After loading, a feed screw carries the content into a Carmix batching plant. The whole process is fully autonomous. Each operation is controlled by a hydraulic motor, fed by an engine: for this reason, Carmix Bagger can be used in worksites where no electric power is available.

Some characteristics of Carmix Bagger are designed to simplify the operators? work, ensuring more productivity and less cost. Carmix Bagger can be easily carried by a forklift and due to compact size, it only takes up half a 20-box container, minimising shipping costs. Moreover, the use of cement big bags makes the work environment healthier reducing dusts to a minimum and it cuts the operating costs for bag disposal. Loading the big bags directly contributes to reducing raw material costs and it raises productivity, as Carmix Bagger can contain up to three 1-cu m big bags on each cycle.

Thanks to Carmix Bagger, we have extended the availability of efficient and effective tools for all worksites. Our range of concrete mixers and smart mobile batching plants can meet any requirement. Moreover, with the introduction of trailer pump in recent years and of Carmix Bagger today, we can provide a full service that brings the typical technical innovations and digital technologies of concrete batching plants to all worksites, including the hardest ones,? underlines Manuela Galante, Marketing Head at Metalgalante Carmix.