Putzmeister and Sany showcase concrete solutions at Excon
Putzmeister and Sany Concrete Solutions delighted customers and visitors at Excon 2019 with an expanded product range, live demos and the iconic Elephant Nights. The companies recently announced that the concrete sales and service teams were being brought together to offer customers an expanded and complimentary range of products, a wider service and spares network and one face for both brands. This was the first major event where customers got to witness this in action. The Putzmeister Sany Concrete Solutions launched three new products at the stall during the event.

Batching plant MT 0.35: With an output capacity of 20 cu m/hr, this Putzmeister/Sany batching plant will cater a customer segment not addressed by either brand in the past. Designed and produced at the Putzmeister factory in Goa, the compact plant brings the answer to current and future customer requirements.

Sany SYG5180THB300C-8: Sany expanded its truck-mounted concrete pump product range with the introduction of SYG5180THB300C-8. This is the only four-arm boom pumps in India offering a reach of 30 m on a two-axle truck.

Putzmeister BSF 47 - 5: Putzmeister introduced a new 47 m state-of-the-art truck-mounted boom pump - BSF 47-5 including the latest technology features Putzmeister has to offer. The 47-5 is the biggest on the road in India and requires only a four-axle truck.

Live mechanised plastering demos: Putzmeister conducted live demos to showcase the benefits of mechanisation in plastering. Customers were able to see sand-cement and gypsum plastering being done with the Putzmeister MP 25 and in the traditional method side by side real time. The demos successfully established that mechanisation is the way forward for the industry.

Advanced fleet management with Putzmeister Machine Cockpit: Putzmeister has rolled out advanced fleet management capabilities with Putzmeister Machine Cockpit to its range of concrete pumps. Customers were given a live demo of its various features including real time information on the status of pumps at the jobsite, critical status alerts, remote diagnosis capability to identify faults and implement appropriate measures, key figures for delivery rate, machine use and fuel consumption, alerts when machines are on the move and reminders for maintenance.

Gulf PM premium grease: Putzmeister introduced the new Gulf PM premium grease. Developed in partnership with Gulf Oil, this exclusively co-branded blue grease will help power Putzmeister automatic greasing systems in its range of concrete pumps.