Using telematics to monitor solid tyre performance
Solid tyres are being increasing used in severe service applications such as construction, waste handling, recycling, demolition and underground mining as users become aware of their features which include 100 per cent puncture proof, high damage resistance and zero maintenance.

However solid tyres are prone to heat build-up when used in longer haul cycles and frequent loading and unloading. This is critical when the equipment is used in applications such underground mining or industries such as petroleum, waste processing, etc.

Monitoring and logging performance parameters of solid tyres is also a tedious job.

Trident has developed SmarTire, a Solid Tyre Performance Monitoring System that addresses both of the above the challenges. The system consists of sensors that are embedded in specially designed apertures in the tyre sidewall that monitor tyre temperature, distance travelled and service time for which the tyre has been in use. The sensors wirelesses relay the information to a receiver monitor in real-time thus alerting users of any excessive heat build-up. Maintenance managers can also track service life of tyres both in terms of distance travelled and tire/machine usage time.

Beyond its primary role to monitor tyre temperature, SmarTire incorporates telematics functionality, allowing machine owners to efficiently track tyre and machine usage, calculate associated costs, and optimise overall performance. This integration of real-time insights and telematics features further enhance the efficiency and durability of solid tyres in various applications.

Trident has been granted a utility patent by the US Patent Office, European Patent Office and Indian Registrar of Patents for this invention that makes tyres safer and smarter!

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