Caterpillar Launches New Facelift Excavators

Caterpillar recently launched its new facelift excavators – Cat® 323D3, 320D3 and 320D3 GC. “We offer a variety of products for different applications to meet the demand for higher productivity, tighter project completion schedules, competitive cost of operations, and safety,” said Mukul Dixit, Director of Sales and Marketing in Caterpillar’s Global Construction and Infrastructure Division. 

Advanced electrohydraulic system

The Cat 323D3 and 320D3 machines are equipped with the new electrohydraulic system to reduce fuel consumption, and maintenance costs and improve operational controllability and efficiency. This system reduces the potential for leaks and limits energy waste by providing flow on demand to activate the hydraulics resulting in a reduction of fuel consumption. 

Redesigned cab for comfort and safety

The completely redesigned cab of our Cat machines offers more space, visibility, comfort, and safety. The cab is designed with ROPS function to enhance safety: the new seat and new suspension to reduce operator fatigue. The cab enhances the visibility of the surroundings through connecting glass windows, and rear and side view mirrors, ensuring a safe working environment. 

Ground-level engine shut-off switch stops all fuel to the engine when activated and shuts down the machine. Maintenance and refueling from the ground keep the operators from climbing onto the machine for a safer work environment. The machine is designed to ensure three points of contact when entering and exiting the machine with strategically placed walkways and grab rails. 

Enhanced operational features

Further, it is designed with a state-of-the-art secondary steering system which, in the event of an engine stall, turns on automatically to help the operator stop the machine safely. Other features like a keyless push-to-start button, touch screen monitor, and electrohydraulic joysticks enhance the operator's comfort and controllability. These combined offerings enable our customers and operators to work in a comfortable and safer environment.

Superior performance in extreme conditions

Our excavators are designed to increase operating efficiency, lower fuel, and maintenance costs, and improve operator comfort. These machines come with a high-ambient capability of 52°C (125°F) and a cold start capability of -18°C (0°F). An optional -32°C (-25°F) cold start is available for extreme cold conditions. 

Technologies like Cat® Product Link™ along with GPS connect, not only help improve traceability and visibility but also enable the systems to observe, identify, and understand different facets of heavy machinery operation without human intervention and improve the maintenance and operation of machines. The Swing Assist technology of the excavators automatically stops the excavator swing at defined points during truck loading and trenching, reducing fuel usage and improving cycle times.

Commitment to customer success

Caterpillar is committed to understanding and meeting customer needs at every stage of the equipment lifecycle, emphasising safety and efficiency. “We want all our customers, big and small, to be more successful using Cat products. We aim to design and develop best-in-class, 360-degree solutions for our customers,” said Mukul Dixit.

Comprehensive services and solutions

Caterpillar provides not only machines and equipment but also a wide range of related services and technological solutions throughout the product lifecycle. To help customers protect their investments, Cat Financial offers various financing, and leasing options as well as extended protection packages. 

Customer Value Agreements’ (CVAs) can support hassle-free service to customers at any point in the machine lifecycle to help maximise machine performance and utilisation. A CVA includes dealer technician support using genuine Cat parts for certain planned maintenance and fluid health management to help identify issues before they cause unexpected downtime. It is an ‘all in one’ plan to support the machine’s health and keep machines running longer with genuine Cat parts, and to make owning equipment easier for Cat customers. Customers can contact their dealers to learn more about CVAs and other offers.